Renter friendly curtain rod review 2022.

Renter friendly curtain rod, Apartments are a great place to live because they’re close to everything you need to be, such as work, school, entertainment, downtowns, etc. There are, of course, certain drawbacks to renting an apartment. Renter’s agreements might restrict your freedom in a smaller, more constrained space like an apartment. Drilling holes in the walls or putting up screws and hooks are usually against the lease terms. Due to these restrictions, it can be tough to set up the space exactly how you want it. To hang a renter-friendly curtain rod in their apartments, renters encounter various difficulties.

How to hang curtains in an apartment without drilling?

Using command hooks to hang lightweight curtains is a great option. They are easy to apply to, and their costs are significantly lower than those of other schools. It is possible to buy command hooks in various sizes, shapes, and colours. If you plan to use a fishing rod, you’ll need larger hooks. Smaller hooks can be used if you prefer to use clips to hang the renter-friendly curtain rod. Additionally, command hooks can be used to hang ornamental items.

Tension rods can be used to hang curtains:

Tension rods may also hang curtains in your apartment quickly and cheaply. Adjustable tension rods are a great feature. As a result, they’ll fit snugly between any two walls. Rubber tips can be attached to each end of the rod to keep the wall and window from being scraped or scratched. Tension rods are also available in various shapes, sizes, and colours. So, you can pick the ones that match your apartment’s overall design.

Twist and fit curtain rod:

Similar to the tension rods, twist and fit curtain rings are not fastened to the wall. The twist and fit rod is positioned on the window frame and fastened across the window to secure it. Installation of the rods is quite straightforward and takes only a few minutes. Colours, shapes, and motifs are also available in the twist and fit rods. Twist and fit curtain rods have the advantage of supporting medium-weight drapes.

Using a Ceiling Hook, Hang the Curtains:

It’s also a great idea to entirely omit the wall hanging altogether. Curtains should be hung from the ceiling if possible. We know it seems strange at first, but we promise it works. This is an excellent alternative to a hook or sticker for flats with crumbling walls or walls with exposed bricks. If you’re unable to use any of the ways listed above, you should consider using your ceiling as an alternative. Doing it this way:

Broom or mop hooks are an excellent investment.

Hang your curtains by the recommended spacing for the hooks. Make sure the hooks are near together so that the ceiling appears to be supported by a rod. Install the hooks and then hang your curtains from them using a ladder or a high table. Above all has been mentioned about Renter friendly curtain rod.

Adhesive curtain rod:

It’s easy to add a touch of elegance to a room by hanging curtains. It is possible to use them for decoration or to block out light. Curtain rod hooks cannot be installed in many rental properties because landlords forbid tenants from drilling holes in the walls. Just check for the appropriate information on the packaging and follow the indicated steps on the back to get them to operate.

How do you measure curtain rods to fit the windows in your home?

The first step is to determine the length of your curtain rod. At least ten centimetres should be added on each side. Afterwards, raise these spots an additional ten centimetres. Many believe this location to be the minimal measurement. Curtains, rods, and rail systems don’t matter. Above all has been mentioned about Renter friendly curtain rod.

Changing the location:

It’s time to get creative with those neatly calculated pencil marks around your windows. You may change the look of your entire home by how you use your curtains to frame your windows. For example, you can do this by moving your pencil marks a few centimetres in both width and height. To create the idea of a larger window, put your curtains on the side of the window, and make sure they cover the frame. Placing the pole too close to the upper edge of your window will have the same effect. Above all has been mentioned about Renter friendly curtain rod.

For the weight:

The size of your curtains will be determined by the height and width of the pole. The more cloth you require, the longer the rod. That includes height. You should ensure that your curtain rod can support the weight of your drapes. This could require more help in the form of brackets.

How to hang curtains in an apartment with blinds?

Curtains and blinds may have a big effect on the look and feel of a room. For the most part, yes. When used together, they can provide a versatile look while providing enough light and privacy control.

Command hooks for curtain rods:

Command hooks for curtains rods can even hang curtain rods if they are properly installed. Because of the thinner, more rounded bottom hook, these hooks are compatible with most curtain rods and wooden dowels without drilling. In addition to being useful for hanging coats and photographs, Command Hooks also offer hooks expressly for hanging draperies. The Command Hooks can be removed without leaving any sticky residue when it’s time to move. Above all has been mentioned about Renter friendly curtain rod.

No drill curtain rods Ikea:

Curtain poles are a breeze compared to too many other options of no drill curtain rods Ikea. Putting up your curtains is as simple as installing curtain rod brackets on either side of your windows. You can quickly modify their position thanks to this clever, flexible design. If you ever want to transfer them, it’s just as simple to dismantle and reinstall them.


Renter friendly curtain rods may be hung in various inventive ways without causing any damage to the walls of your residence. Because of the many limitations of apartment living, it can be not easy to maintain a happy lifestyle. There are various ways to hang curtains without breaking the terms of your lease. You can hang your curtains using any of the methods outlined above without hurting the walls of your apartment.


What’s the best way to purchase curtains for my new apartment?

First, measure the window’s width from left to right. To offer complete coverage and the illusion of “fullness,” curtains should be two to three times the width of your windows.

In a rental, who is responsible for the curtains?

The renter is responsible for maintaining the rental property’s furniture, but the landlord must repair them if damaged or broken. The leasing agreement should contain any included furnishings.

With Command Strips, can you hang a curtain rail?

Renter friendly curtain rods, wall decor, coats, and luggage may all be hung on these hooks! It’s best to use a rod with a diameter of less than 5/8″ length of no more than 48″ and a finial diameter of at least 3/4″.

In an apartment, may you put up curtain rods?

Using tension curtain rods to hang curtains in a rental apartment is a simple and inexpensive option. They’re designed to keep the window from being scratched or damaged with rubber tips on both ends.

Is it acceptable for the curtains to extend to the floor?

Yes, the length of the curtains should reach the floor. Generally speaking, the longer the curtains are, the trendier and classy the room will appear. Because of this, most ready-made curtains are long.

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