What To Expect When Researching Ford Tonneau Covers?

Truck bed covers are almost a necessity in some climates, but choosing the right one still involves a lot of thinking about how you use your Ford and what you need. Researching Ford Tonneau Covers have been the dominant choice for a while because they come in a variety of options, from hard top covers with a single hinged lid to roll-ups that can be automated so they retract by remote control. If you are choosing a Researching Ford tonneau covers, picking the right design style is the very first step.

  • Hinged
  • Snap-on soft top
  • Roll-up soft top
  • Roll-up hard top
  • Hybrid

These are the most common design choices, but not every one is available for every truck. A lot depends on your truck’s bed dimensions when it comes to the number of tonneau choices you have. The more common your bed size, the easier it is to find the perfect cover. If you are working with a less common bed design, roll-up covers are popular and available in practically every size that a truck bed has been built in. That might be why they are so popular in the first place.

Soft Vs. Hard Roll Up Covers

The biggest part of the decision-making process when it comes to choosing a roll-up cover comes down to whether you want a flexible top or a hard one. There are other options out there like hinged covers and folding covers, but they do not offer the ease of remote-controlled retractability as an option.

Hard roll-up covers are made up of a series of narrow slats, sort of like blinds but more secure. Soft covers are made of flexible material that weighs less and still provides great protection from the weather. If you are looking for a specific truck, you’ll find a 2002 Ford F150 tonneau cover is best chosen by your bed dimensions. Hardware fitment is usually quick using custom pieces from your tonneau manufacturer, so different models or model years with the same size truck bed can typically use the same tonneau cover model.

Remote Controlled Vs. Install By Hand Covers

Today’s top end Ford F250 Super Duty tonneau cover designs include models with smart locks that were not available just a few short years ago. These features allow them to operate via remote control, unlocking or even opening with the push of a button on your remote. It’s the truck bed cover equivalent of remote power locks, but with a few extras. If you are trying to decide between a remote-controlled tonneau and a traditional manual lock, consider the quality of the lock and the other features you get with each model.

Researching Ford Tonneau Covers:

If your first concern is cost, a secure manual cover with a great lock is always going to be a little less expensive than a remote-controlled option with the same level of security. That means you do not need to compromise your peace of mind to save money, you just have to weigh how much that extra convenience means to you as a truck owner.