Returnal trophy guide-How Do I Get Platinum Trophy?

Returnal trophy guide is the latest game from veteran developer Housemarque. Best renowned for its variety of arcade-style shooters, this PS5 exclusive is somewhat of a change of pace, with a move to a third-person perspective and a major focus on storey and atmosphere. However, it doesn’t mean that the action has taken a back seat, as the gunplay on show here is just as sharp as ever. Combined with a superb atmosphere, next-gen visuals and a captivating plot, it’s an impressive mix, making for a disappointing Platinum medal. Let us discuss the Returnal trophy guide.

What is the returnal trophy guide about completion?

To start, the concept of what qualifies to a “completion” of Returnal is a bit vague. Some think that it’s the finish of Act 2, while others think it’s a completion of Returnal Act 3, which is essentially like playing through the game again to uncover a secret ending. Going on the figures provided by PSN Profiles, the results are shocking. Twenty-three per cent of Returnal players have completed the game’s second Act.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Returnal?

There are obstacles to estimating the time it takes to overcome Returnal. Like other roguelikes, beating the game the first time around is technically possible but unlikely. Some players may take a few tries to go through the game, while others may prefer to explore the environment and take in the music before moving on to the next section. There is a good idea of how long each type of player is, according to the Returnal trophy guide.

21 Hours of Story:

Even if the only goal is to reach the end once, it will take the majority of players well over a day to complete. Even if players solely focus on the core gameplay, it will take roughly 21 hours to complete Returnal. Of course, this depends entirely on their luck. Completionists will discover that several plot holes have been presumed and filled in.

32 Hours: The Unknown Finale:

To get to the secret ending, players will have to go through the game multiple times and gather all the collectibles. Since the game’s release, it has tormented gaming veterans with its frightening ending. But it’s not going to be finished in a single night. For most players, the secret ending requires at least 32 hours of gameplay, so expect to put in a few days of committed gaming before the mystery is revealed

57.7 hours: Completionist

The game is more than just a storey to many people. Some collections and milestones remain to be completed. To fulfil the game’s objectives, players need to set aside roughly 57.5 hours of their time. Returnal’s golden trophy is difficult to obtain but well worth the effort. More than just the hidden ending, each level has its mysteries.

How Do I Get Platinum Trophy?

Although the Trophy list for Returnal appears to be rather uncomplicated, this does not imply that it will be easy to obtain the Platinum. There is no “play on hard” Trophies to be concerned about because there are no difficulty options. Although Returnal is a challenging game, you’ll die a lot as you steadily progress through the Trophy list. Bronze Trophies like Eternal Return and Atropian Survival will be unlocked early on.

Returnal survey trophies:

There are many Trophies, including the Platinum, in the main game. As part of the Ascension expansion, there are more Trophies. The Platinum Trophy can be earned without them. At its core, Returnal is a rogue-lite, where dying sends you back to the same starting point, and each run sees the structure of the world – along with the weapons, upgrades, and adversaries along the way – shift and alter each time you resume. Below is the returnal trophy list:

1: Forging a Path through Ruin and Forgotten City:

2: The Survival of Helios Atropian

3: Submerged in memories and frozen in time

4: There is an echoing of the past

5: Ascension of a Shadow through the Mist

6: Conviction on the Spot

7: Suppress the Noise

Returnal walkthrough:

A comprehensive strategy guide and walkthrough for Returnal trophy guide is available from IGN, covering every aspect of the game, including every collectible, boss tactics, and more. There is no way to predict what will happen following the tutorial. It’s impossible to predict what you’ll uncover on your next “run” of the game because the world constantly evolves. We can only tell you what you might find, but we can’t tell you when.

Returnal trophy glitch:

Glitch-free awards have been reported for all boss, act, survey, and house sequence trophies. For your protection, back up your save before completing Acts 1 through 5 and any surveys. Re-fighting the bosses enables you to re-trigger any awards you’ve already earned.

Returnal survives the containment area:

There is always a challenge room, or containment room, on the map in each biome. Lock you in a vast arena and unleash three waves of more difficult attackers on you. The doors will reopen, and you’ll be rewarded with a slew of handy goodies once you’ve defeated the third wave of enemies. You must locate and complete the challenge room to complete the biome survey. A yellow rectangle with a star above it appears on your mini-map.


One of the PlayStation 5’s most anticipated 2021 releases, Returnal has been referred to by PlayStation fans as a possible “Game of the Year” nominee. After each death, players are forced to start from the beginning again, making the action-shooter a unique rogue-like experience. Although Returnal’s difficulty is often cited as a reason for its popularity, the result is well worth it, according to the Returnal trophy guide.


Why should I buy Returnal?

Returning to work can be a challenging but rewarding process. The visuals in the game are stunning, and the 3D audio system enhances the experience even further.

How many players were able to defeat Returnal?

A mere 10% of returning players succeed in beating the game, as evidenced by trophy data. Even though Returnal, a PS5-exclusive title, has been widely hailed as a contender for Game of the Year, few people have played it to completion.

Which Returnal biome is the most difficult?

Many returning players voted that the third biome, the Derelict Citadel, was the most difficult, with 50% of the 360 votes going to that biome.

Is there a save function in Returnal?

PlayStation 5’s unique version 2.0 update has been released. It has been made possible for players to save their progress and shut down their consoles while playing Returnal.

In Returnal, where do I go from here?

Manually saving progress during a cycle does not work; there are no save spots. You can stay in a cleaned area and leave since opponents do not respawn in rooms you’ve already cleared.

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