Everything you need to know about Rhs garden Rosemoor!

Rhs garden Rosemoor is a must-see garden with 65 acres and year-round events. A spectacular look is achieved at Rosemoor by combining formal and informal plants. The estate’s position in a protected valley between Dartmoor National Park and Exmoor National Park gives it a perfect setting. If you find yourself in the Devon area, we would be overjoyed if you could pay us a visit for some much-needed inspiration, relaxation, or even a beautiful day trip. If you find yourself in this area, we would be pleased to have you stop by. Here we will discuss more RHS garden Rosemoor.

Features of RHS garden Rosemoor:

The RHS Gardens, including Rosemoor, have all adopted the following preventative measures:

It is necessary to pre-book tickets, and only a limited number are available daily.

There is a restriction on the number of customers allowed inside the Garden Center at one time, and only two people from each household are allowed inside.

The Gardens and Garden Centres would have their doors in an ideal world.

Marks on the ground at Garden Center entrances and inside the Gardens themselves may help keep lines moving promptly.

The Brash” or “The Cops:

From the stunning grounds, which comprise Lady Anne’s original garden as well as a greenhouse and a cottage garden, to the fascinating views of local flora and animals offered by the Woodland Walks, there is something here for everyone to appreciate. A picnic in the woods may be had with the family at either “The Brash” or “The Cops,” two of Rosemoor’s numerous play spots. Several comparable playground amenities may be found in Rosemoor.

Potager and Cottage Garden:

The Potager and Cottage Garden, with its novel spin on the classic vegetable garden, is a popular destination in the Rosemoor area. Typical of the formal gardens of the French Renaissance is the decorative kitchen garden seen in the Potager. Anyone curious about the evolution of gardening or interested in seeing this garden should go.

Wedding venue at RHS garden Rosemoor:

It would help if you went no farther than Rosemoor for the perfect Devon wedding venue. A range of customizable packages is available for those who want to have their wedding or another special occasion in the Gardens. The garden offers eleven lovely settings for wedding celebrations. Each venue offers something unique; sometimes, it’s the closest you can get to an outdoor ceremony in any given state.

Among the accessible actions:

At The Brash, an exciting natural play area shaded by towering pine trees, your cheeky monkeys will have a blast. It has a slide, a sandbox, and a magnifying glass for bugs. The second playground has the “Green Ship,” an elevated see-saw and spiro-giro. Therefore children in the middle to later elementary age range will like this setting. Your little explorers may practice their footwork on the stepping logs and scale the living willow sculptures while you have a cup of tea.

Will you take anything from Rosemoor RHS Garden?

Go to the garden center and pick out your fresh produce. Rhs garden Rosemoor has its plant nursery, where you may get some stunning blooms and plants to brighten your home. Then why not take the surprise factor up by selecting a unique present from our chosen range of apparel, fragrances, and home decor? A wide variety of unique items are available at the Rosemoor Garden Centre and Gift Shop. Don’t miss out on the beautiful once-a-year celebrations that happen worldwide.

To eat and drink:

The RHS garden Rosemoor provides clean, secure picnic spots. Picnic tables and a wooden shelter may be in the grassy yard section, not too far from the playground. Relax with some time off and a plate of your mother’s best cooking. You won’t have to rush through your meal since your small kids can grab a snack anytime and return to what they were doing. Forget about preambles and go straight into them.

With afternoon tea:

If you’re looking for a spot to have an authentic afternoon tea, go no further than Rosemoor’s Garden Kitchen Restaurant. You may choose from various fancies, including finger sandwiches, scones, and fancies prepared in-house.

Time to visit the Otter Café:

The Otter Café serves you hot and cold drinks, breakfast pastries, hot pastries, sandwiches, picnic bags, cakes, and ice cream. These products are also available at the café itself. Serve your loved one’s cakes, cream teas, and hot pasties on fine vintage porcelain with filter coffee and tea for a day of pampering they will never forget.

Lesson to be learned from Shepherd’s Rest:

Hot and cold drinks, baked goods, sandwiches, picnic baskets, ice cream, and cake may all be purchased for takeout. While you’re here, you really must treat yourself to this highly delicious lunch.


Parking spots are 40 to 60 feet from the garden’s entrance and are reserved for those driving there. There are three designated family parking spaces and 26 accessible parking spots available. Blue badges are not required.

The distinction of RHS Rosemoor Garden:

The Royal Horticultural Society Garden at Rosemoor has a long and illustrious history in horticulture. Its displays of many plant varieties inspire visitors to spend a pleasant day in Devon. The historic Rosemoor House is a beautiful site to spend a vacation or host a wedding. Rosemoor, in the Torridge Valley in North Devon, is a mysterious place that mixes formal and informal planting methods to create a hypnotic ambiance. The garden has grown to approximately 65 acres of free-roaming space.

As a hub for gardening concepts:

Rosemoor’s goal is to serve as a year-round source of inspiration and wonder for all gardeners and lovers. Springtime cherry blossoms, summer’s dazzling hues in the famous Hot Garden, autumn’s flaming finery in the woods, and winter’s radiance in the Winter Garden will inspire throughout the year.

Staffed by experts:

RHS members are encouraged to use the horticultural experts at Rosemoor for one-on-one consultations on any gardening-related matters. Whether you have a large or small yard, our knowledgeable gardeners and experts would be pleased to help you maximize its potential at one of our garden events.

Excellent plant gifts:

The Rosemoor Yard Centre is the ideal place to get fantastic ideas for your house and yard, in addition to the finest plants, gifts, and homeware. You may also find these things here. If you cannot find what you want in our shop, our friendly sales associates will do everything in their power to locate it and place a hold on it for you.

Much more than just a day trip:

We have hundreds of events throughout the year, so it doesn’t matter what your interests are—you’ll be able to come here and have a good time. The Rosemoor Flower Show and the spectacular Glow are two events that stand out as absolute must-sees, but you shouldn’t skip any of them.

Perfect for short trips and more extended vacations:

There are three luxurious apartments available for your stay at Rosemoor House. The building previously Lady Anne Palmer’s home now houses three different apartment complexes named after flowers. Guests staying in these units get exclusive, private access to the garden outside of regular business hours.


Torrington is a great place to visit, whether you’re simply traveling through or setting up a more extended stay. The Battle of Great Torrington took place during the English Civil War. It has now become one of Devon’s most revered landmarks. If you’re looking for a beautiful garden year-round, go no further than RHS garden Rosemoor. The famed hot garden sparkles with summertime vibrancy, while the forests provide stunning fall and winter foliage. In the early spring, cherry trees bloom with delicate pink and white blooms.


Can I bring my drinks and snacks into RHS RHS garden Rosemoor?

The RHS garden Rosemoor provides clean, secure picnic spots. Picnic tables and a wooden shelter may be in the grassy yard section, not too far from the playground. Relax with some time off and a plate of your mother’s best cooking.

What is Rosemoor’s policy on pets?

To guarantee the safety of all visitors, we welcome only service animals and guide dogs with proper documentation. Since there is no covered parking, dog owners should not leave their dogs in cars in our parking lots.