The Ultimate Security Camera Installation Tips You Need to Know 

Security Camera Installation: The modern home security cameras, when positioned properly, will prove to be a viable as well as affordable precautionary measurement to protect your home from burglars and thieves. The high-quality 1080p video resolution, smart home integration, long battery life, and motion detection are one of the most important tools that will help you deter documenting criminal activities.

However, even though many homeowners manage to purchase a high-quality home security camera, most of the time they end up placing the camera inappropriately. Without the help from professionals, you might end up diminishing the effectiveness of the home security cameras. Remember that improper installation will not only affect the camera but also the viewing angle.

Before purchasing the security cameras, you need to determine how many of them you need to purchase as well as what features you need to consider. Do the cameras need to be wired or wireless? And what other techs do you need to install apart from the cameras? Make sure you read the article to the end to know more.

Security Camera Installation: Guard Every Entrance of Your House 

Your property has a different layout from the others. Therefore, there are specific locations that you need to consider while installing home security cameras. However, the best location for the security cameras is the entrance of the house.

You can choose two to three outdoor security cameras depending on how many entrances your house has. You should not install more than one camera for each entrance. Apart from the front and back entrance, consider placing a camera for the side entrance or driveway.

Keep in mind that indoor cameras might not prove as effective as outdoor cameras in terms of taking images or videos of someone who enters through the front door. You can also choose a video doorbell that will help you guard the entrance of your house.

Determine the Perfect Distance and Height While Installing Security Cameras 

Most of the time, homeowners make mistakes with their security cameras by placing them in suboptimal locations. This is why the effectiveness and capability of home security cameras decrease.

You should know that the best range of motion detection should not be more than 20 feet from the passive infrared. Therefore, you need to install the security cameras as near as possible to the areas where you’re expecting motion.

While purchasing ultra-wide home security cameras, don’t think of placing the camera in the corner of the backyard to guard as much area as possible. This will affect their capability of detecting the motion. Make sure you contact the New Haven Security system installer for professional camera installation. If you want to know their location, click here.


Make Sure the Camera is Visible 

Many homeowners place their cameras in a hidden location so that they can protect them from the burglars while also taking footage of the unsuspecting burglars. However, when the outdoor security cameras are visible, they will prove more effective. As per the Guardian, security cameras will defend your home against thieves.

This is because thieves and burglars will conduct a thorough inspection of your house before they make any move. If they notice the security cameras, they might skip your house.


This is the ultimate security camera installation tip you should know. Don’t forget to contact us if you want to buy the best and most cost-effective security cameras for your home.