What to Wear With Sequin Skirts?

Sequin skirt, As New Year’s Eve approaches, we yearn for more sparkle and glam in our outfits. Treat yourself to a sparkly skirt this holiday season to make any outfit a little more festive. However, as the spring runways show, sequins for the daytime are just as big of a fad as for the evening. Take the plunge into the holiday-ready trend with a pair of shiny trousers or a shiny skirt styled with a casual shirt and flats. Here we will discuss sequin skirts and how to wear a sequin skirt in the best manner:

Sequin skirt outfit:

Sequins are unquestionably the hottest trend this year. Although it is commonly considered that sequins are exclusively appropriate, the trends shown on the spring catwalks have demonstrated that this is not the case. Even though sequins are naturally bright and cheerful, there are methods to tame them down for regular use. Learn how to accessories your festive ensemble with sequin skirts or how to tone it down for a more casual, everyday style.

What to Wear With Sequin Skirts?

Starting with some pointers on how to wear sequin skirts, here are some suggestions:

Fabrics in a variety of patterns:

It is critical to balance textures and fabric types when styling with sequins. Your top and jacket should be made of a complementary, untutored fabric to match your skirt as seamlessly as possible.

Pair with a top with a clean-cut:

It is one of the most underappreciated aspects of putting together a well-balanced ensemble that the cut of the top. First and foremost, the cut must be proportional to the skirt; it should not be more asymmetrical or attention-grabbing than the skirt itself.

Examine all of your options:

When people think of sequins, they often see a skirt that is simply black or silver. On the other hand, the universe of sequins is a considerably larger place. There are a plethora of fantastic possibilities in green ($24.99), brown ($170.00), and blue ($29.99) skirts that will ensure that you have a unique ensemble.

Keeping your accessories to a minimum:

Because these skirts are a standout piece of clothing, it is important to pay close attention to how they are paired with other accessories such as shoes, bags, and hats. Avoid purses and shoes with metal fastenings and instead, choose one-dimensional finishes that are basic and elegant.

Don’t add more sequins:

Stay away from adding more sequins since the sequins will reflect the light and generate a lot of colours. It is preferable to pair a skirt with a top from the same colour family. For example, you may experiment with monochrome ensembles or merely pair two colours together.

Don’t bother about your jewellery:

According to how large and vivid the sequins on your skirt are, you may be able to get away without wearing jewellery. One of the most significant styling rules for a skirt is to maintain harmony between the bright and sparkling aspects of the outfit. Those elements can occasionally be jewellery items, and as a result, they should be avoided.

Don’t think about the occasion:

Many people are hesitant to wear sequins because they assume that the only situation they are appropriate is a party. On the other hand, the inverse is true: styling a sequin skirt for day-to-day use is completely doable, as we’ve demonstrated.

Bright coloured sequin skirts, cardigan and grab bag:

Emna makes a strong case for tonal sequins by combining her pink skirt with a simple pullover and letting it shine (literally) through. Simple accessories, such as a shiny grab bag, shoes, and hoop earrings, enhance the ensemble to be appropriate for an evening out.

Skirt with sequins jumper:

Remember that you don’t have to pick between sequins and comfy clothes, despite what you may have heard. Claudia demonstrated how to combine the two, and we were impressed. It is one method of ensuring that all eyes are firmly fixed on the sparkly skirt. Make sure you’re wearing a fantastic pair of shoes, as well.

What should you wear with a black sequin skirt?

Sequins have long been a hallmark in party dressing, whether in the form of a floor-grazing maxi dress or a blinged-up pair of earrings or bracelets. However, the sequin is having a moment in the spotlight this year, notably in the form of the black sequin skirt. Fortunately, with high-street and designer companies creating their takes on this famous party piece, there are plenty of options.


If you were under the impression that tank tops could only be worn with sportswear, you were mistaken. Combining a tank top with a black sequin skirt results in a simple and gorgeous ensemble. Makeup that is a little more dramatic, such as red lipstick or heavier eyeshadow, is appropriate for this type of ensemble.

Printed tee-shirt:

Put on a patterned blouse and pair it with a black sequin skirt when you’re ready to take a risk and try something new! Don’t be concerned, it won’t appear too casual! On the contrary, currently, it is very fashionable to combine a super casual outfit with a more sophisticated piece of clothing to achieve a modern and chic appearance.

Rock ‘n’ Roll:

Your inner rock’n’roll star will shine brighter than ever in this ensemble. All you need are the sequins, a black printed shirt with the name of some band printed on it, and a pair of black boots. With beachy waves in your hair, bold black makeup, and jewellery, just like the model in the photo below, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor!

Skirt with a pencil hem:

This ensemble exudes elegance and sophistication. Even though a formal dress code is required, the combination of large sequins on the pencil skirt and a black cashmere sweater is the appropriate choice for an elegant occasion. Because it is so straightforward and minimal, you have a wide range of options for selecting footwear.

Maxi skirts:

The maxi sequin skirt is the only item of clothing that I would recommend for wearing strictly for formal occasions such as weddings or formal dinners. It has a posh appearance and is not ideal for wearing to work or other everyday functions. Maintaining this attire for important occasions such as New Year’s Eve or a wedding is highly recommended.


A little provocative attire such as the one shown in the photo above is appropriate for those who enjoy dressing provocatively. It’s not something out of the ordinary. With the cardigan and little black sequined skirt, you’ll be ready to relax, dance, and have a drink with your friends in a nightclub setting. Put a tank top, a white shirt, or a T-shirt underneath the beige cardigan to make this look more suited for the office or a casual day out.


It is most common for sequins to be worn at events, especially ones late at night. Because of their glitzy appearance, they are especially popular choices throughout the holiday season. A sequin skirt is feminine, and it may be a lot of fun to wear when it’s shiny. And the greatest part is that, with the correct styling, you can also wear these skirts in other seasons of the year, whether in a casual or elegant setting.


What is the best way to style sequins?

If you want to make sequins more casual and comfortable during the daytime, consider wearing shoes, shirts with a skirt, jeans, and a blouse.

In addition to a sequin skirt, what else may I wear?

High waisted and gracefully draped dresses that fall to the midi length are the styles to look for. Make a half-tuck with a white T-shirt and slide into a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers to transform your sequins into an off-duty favourite.

What shirt would you pair with a sequin skirt?

Although you can wear whatever colour or type of long-sleeved top you like, a black or white top will look best with either a rose gold or a white sequin skirt, depending on your taste.