How to choose the best silent computer mouse?

Silent computer mouse have buttons that do not make an audible clicking sound when pressed. The button’s feel is unchanged. However, it is now completely silent. Silent mice have grown increasingly widespread in recent years, particularly in office environments. Indeed, there are gaming-specific computer mice on the market today and more traditional models. Following are the best silent computer mouse of 2021.

M330 Silent Plus Mouse by Logitech:

The G502 is a low-noise, high-performance gaming PC that features RGB lights and easy-to-use controls. The Logitech M330 Razer Synapse Software has up to four custom game profiles and cloud storage, AmbideXtrous Both left, and right-handed users can use the optical sensor, which has a resolution accuracy of 99.4 percentile a frame rate of 450 inches per second, which has a DPI of 16000.

Logitech M330 silent computer mouse:

What’s the most critical aspect of all of this? It’s a pretty peaceful place. To its fullest extent, the M330 provides noise reduction of 1.000 DPIs and 90%, making it nearly a workhorse of a mouse. The M330’s 24-month battery life is intriguing since it enables users who like a silent mouse, although slight delays occasionally occur.

FOME I720 Ergonomic silent computer mouse:

The FOME I720 silent mouse wireless design has a range of 30 feet and a battery life of 20 months so that you don’t have to decrease your playing standards. An additional feature of the I720 mouse is that it has a program that reduces sound levels by 95 percent. No RGB or LED lights are included in this model, which is lightweight aluminum for enhanced grip and lower stress.

UTechSmart Venus silent computer mouse:

UTechSmart competes Razer Naga and Logitech G600 in high-end gaming mouse ergonomics, performance MMORPG, and silent gaming. The Venus mouse has an incredible DPI of 16,400 and 18 programmable keys, one short of the Razer Nagas.

VegCoo C8 silent computer mouse:

In addition to being visually appealing, the VegCoo C8 mouse is also functional. The battery-saving sleep mode on the quiet mouse is one of many options available on the device, in addition to the standard left and right mouse buttons. It’s simple to get started.

MOBA/MMORPG Gaming Mouse:

Nevertheless, the Nyth design is a mouse worth studying because it has an exceptionally pleasant grip and offers an outstanding customization framework. With 12 programmable keys, you may quickly replace them with a wider variety of spares. The magnetic panel of the Roccat Swarm has two inserts.

Pictek silent computer mouse

Piatek’s second-generation quiet computer mouse is here. Our chart is now at the bottom. In terms of DPI, it has three. The Pictek silent mouse also features five DPI settings customized 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400 dpi. It allows you to fine-tune your mouse’s sensitivity, but it’s also a quiet gaming mouse. Allows you to define different tasks depending on the needs of your game.

MOJO Pro silent computer mouse:

The MOJO Pro performance Wired Gaming Mouse includes a sniper key, Custom Gamer profiles, and more. The wired gaming mouse features a PMW3336 optical sensor that can give up to 12000 DPI with a 1000 Hz polling rate for rapid response and precise placement. Remapping and macro functions also allow you to customize the nine quiet buttons.

How to choose the best silent computer mouse?

The following features were taken into account when selecting the best silent computer mouse:


Noise levels were the most important factor in deciding on a quiet gaming mouse for our top pick. This guide and evaluation omitted any mouse that didn’t live up to our expectations because our goal was to provide you with the best silent options available today.


If you have tiny, medium, or large hands, we’ve guaranteed that we have a wide range of options for you. It’s not uncommon to find a gaming mouse that’s best suited to medium-sized hands. Regardless of the size of your hands, a medium-sized mouse will work just well for you.


Our investigation discovered that gamers prefer both wired and wireless mice. You can choose from various wired and wireless silent gaming mice to get the most value for your money.


Laser and optical sensors are two of the most common sensors used in quiet gaming mice. We couldn’t find any good laser-silent gaming mice throughout our investigation, so we decided not to include any.


In terms of mouse features, the DPI or dots-per-inch (DPI) is one of the most well-known aspects of the device. The mouse’s DPI is just the number of dots per inch it can detect. Higher sensitivity is achieved by increasing the number of dots per inch on a mouse.

Lights with RGB Colors:

According to a survey we conducted, the vast majority of gamers prefer RGB lights in their gaming gear. We’ve stocked up on various RGB-enabled, silent gaming mice to fulfill demand. To avoid having an RGB mouse, you can purchase a mouse without RGB lights or disable RGB functionality in the mouse’s relevant RGB customization program. However, this isn’t mandatory.


It indicates that you don’t have all of the options. It indicates that you have all of the essential information and features.  Ultimately, the best mouse to use is the one in your hand, which is the one that feels most natural to you. A wired or wireless silent computer mouse is unnecessary.

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