9 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement.

Social Media Engagement a has started to take its rightful place in marketing and is proving to be the catalyst for a brand’s growth. When done rightfully, it tends to have a cascading effect on businesses to improve brand awareness and boost conversions.

Although promoting the brand through social media is vital, creating and disseminating content will not get you sales. The primary criterion for success over social media is directly correlated to high user engagement. Moreover, this blog seeks to enumerate ten ways to do this.

9 Ways Towards Better Social Media Engagement

1.   Talk about your Purpose, not the Brand

In many cases, you are likely to contact new people, and striking up conversations with them is vital for the growth of the brand. Creating content and publishing it on feeds does help people to know what you are about, but it will not get you a following. For this, you would have to join forums like Facebook groups actively.

Here, you can get a ready-made audience attuned to your domain and expertise. Join these groups and start meaningful conversations with the audience without mentioning the brand you represent. After a while, when you have visible acceptance from the group members, you can disclose the brand you represent and subtly promote the brand. You will find a new audience and broader awareness of your brand in this manner.  

2.   Create Relevant Content

Most unsuccessful brands tend to remain insensitive to the needs and concerns of their customers. Remain conscious of remaining open to scrutiny and questioning from your customer. Have enough forums for customers to raise their concerns and get their queries answered.

One of the best ways of doing this is through unique blog content. You can have a regularly updated blog on the website that answers all queries coming from the customer. If your brand can answer queries before the competition, you can become the go-to brand for the customer. In addition to this, a brand can remain proactive in solving customer queries by bringing out in-depth guides and tutorials. This will help customers reinforce their trust in the brand.

3.   Share Other People’s Content

If someone else is providing better answers than you on social media engagement, then it is time to acknowledge it and share the same with your audience. Your customers will get what they need through your social feed regardless of whether it is coming from you or not.

Also, by embracing this tactic, you can keep your content diverse from different creators to always keep your customers interested. Interestingly, if your social feed is always from the same creator, it can become a tad boring. This is where sharing someone else’s content becomes interesting.    

4.   Include Images and Videos in your Posts

Including images and videos is one of the best ways to get responses to your posts. They not only get followers but also help drive sales. As per the latest from Forbes, 91% of the audience prefers interactive visual content to text-based static media. 

Making videos and incorporating them into your social media feeds can bring great results for the brand. With the explosive growth of video, creating video content has become affordable and accessible in recent years. Brands can think of creative ways of engaging the audience through emotionally charged videos. This can be done with the help of an online video maker that comes with a friendly interface suited for beginners.


5.   Schedule Posts at the Right Time

While your brand might be posting regularly, you may not be getting the desired traction from the audience. One of the primary reasons for this could be wrong timing. With tools like Hootsuite, it has become easier for brands to schedule their posts in advance on specific times or days.

Do some research, find out when your followers are online and do your postings accordingly. The goal is to ensure they like, comment, and share your posts. Also, the best time to post on social media can differ according to social media channels.

6.   Promote Attractive Offers

You need not try hard to develop something unique every time to post on social media. You can stick to some of the tried and tested formulae used by others while promoting brands. Make use of discounts, coupons, special services, and freebies. This will help increase social media engagement and sales.

7.   Leverage Current Events and Trends

Keep a close watch on business events that are happening around your area. Such events can prove to be great conversation starters on social media, especially if the event directly bears the brand’s target audience. You can join the conversation that is already happening and comment on trends in a manner that connects your brand to elicit a response from the audience directly.

8.   Showcase your Fans and Employees

People love attention, and if you have regular fans, it can be a good idea to shower attention on them once in a while. In this manner, they can rightly engage with the brand on social media. Plus, your greatest brand advocates on social media can be your employees and promote their profiles on social media if they have anything meaningful to say. These can prove to be great conversation starters.

9. Use Hashtags

The trend that started on Twitter has taken over Facebook and Instagram. According to research, usage of hashtags makes it easy for content to be found on social media engagement regardless of whether they are your followers. It is seen that Tweets with hashtags get double the engagement, making use of this practice to generate more engagement with your posts.

Final Thoughts

While the blog must have spelt out tips for increasing social media engagement, one of the best ways of ensuring you remain engaged with the audience for the long term and applies to all the tips mentioned above is through a dash of humour. Adopt a tune of humour in all your posts and content without becoming vulgar or offensive. It is likely to generate more engagement than ever before when done with the right intent. Overall, it is about grabbing the audience’s attention, and humour does it like no other.