How to fix starboard keeps crashing?

Starbound keeps crashing: Chucklefish created the action/adventure game Starbound. Microsoft Windows, Apple’s OS X, and even Linux can run it. There have been numerous complaints from Windows customers about their starboard keeps crashing.

Reasons to starboard keep crashing occur:

As you’ll see below, there are several reasons why starboard keeps crashing are happening:

  • Administrative privileges are not granted
  • The scarcity of unoccupied storage space
  • Antivirus software problems
  • Graphics card drivers that are out of current or corrupted
  • Game files that are corrupted or missing may be a problem

How to fix starboard keeps crashing?

Depending on the source of the issue, you may need to try various approaches to finding a solution. There are a few things you may attempt to figure out why your starboard keeps crashing on startup.

Run Starbound keeps crashing:

The absence of administrative permissions may cause Starbound to crash upon launch. An administrator account can use to fix the issue. Starbound can be purchased and played on Steam by Windows users. As a result, Steam must be run with administrative privileges to work. Here are the exact instructions.

Step 1: Properties can be accessed by right-clicking the Steam shortcut on your desktop.

Step 2: Open the Compatibility tab and choose the checkbox for the option. Do not run this software unless you have administrative privileges.

Step 3: Save your changes by clicking OK and Apply.

Step 4: Afterwards, you may open Steam and run the game to see if it’s fixed.

Step 5: If Starbound keeps crashing on startup, you’ll need to try something else.

Internet a high-speed link to the web:

To gain extra free space, you can also extend the partition by removing space from other partitions that have space. Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading MiniTool Partition Wizard:

Step 1: Using MiniTool Partition Wizard, choose the target partition and click Extend Partition when the main screen appears.

Step 2: Pop-up window: Select a partition and drag the slider to select the amount of free space you want to take. Then, press the OK button to complete the procedure.

Step 3: To complete any pending actions, click the Apply button at this point.

Step 4: Run Starbound keeps crashing to see if it’s working after completing the process.

Allow Your Antivirus to Disappear for the Time Being:

Computers are protected from viruses and malware by antivirus software, but it can also cause some apps to malfunction. In some cases, antivirus software can cause Starbound to fail to launch. Disabling your antivirus for a short period or putting Starbound on an exceptions list may help.

Take use of Compatibility Mode:

Several programs are not compatible with some Windows versions. Compatibility mode can determine whether or not your Starbound keeps crashing on startup because of compatibility concerns.

Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties

Check “Run this software in compatibility mode for” and select an earlier version of Windows, such as Windows 8 or Windows 7, from the Compatibility tab.

Starbound may keep crashing on startups because of corrupt or missing game files. You can use the Steam option “Verify integrity of game files” to examine and repair them.

Step 1: Once you’ve opened Steam, go to the LIBRARY tab and look at the titles you’ve installed.

Step 2: Second, right-click you’re Starbound and choose Properties.

Step 3: To complete this step, you must be patient. As soon as you see the “all files have been tested and found to be legitimate,” click on “Close.”

Step 4: Once you’ve checked the integrity of your Starbound game files, restart Steam and see if the crashing issue has been fixed.

Graphics Card Drivers Need to Be Updated:

Another typical cause of Starbound’s starting crash is a faulty or outdated graphics card driver. Consider updating your graphics card driver if you frequently run into this type of problem. Using Device Manager, a feature of Windows, you can accomplish this.

Step 1: To open the Run window, press Win + R. Enter Devmgt. Sc in the box and click OK to open the Device Manager application.

Step 2: The Display adapter’s category in Device Manager can expand by double-clicking it.

Step 3: In the pop-up window that opens, you’ll see an option to search for updated driver software automatically.

Step 4: After that, Windows will look for the most recent version of your graphics card’s driver software on your computer and the Internet. You only have to wait a little bit.

Step 5: Windows will automatically install any updates that are readily accessible. Afterwards, restart your computer so that the adjustments can take effect.

Install the most recent version of Windows:

If you’re DirectX or Visual C++ Redistributable is out-of-date, you may also have issues with Starbound not starting. To play the game again, you should check for Windows updates.

Step 1: Windows Settings may be opened by pressing Win + I

Step 2: Navigate to Update & Security.

Reinstalling Starbound will do the trick for you:

Starbound may need to be reinstalled after the preceding alternatives have failed.

Step 1: To open the Windows Search function, press Win + S.

Step 2: Click Uninstall software in the View by: Category section.

Step 3: Right-click Starbound and select Uninstall from the list of installed apps and features. Make sure you follow the instructions to complete the uninstallation process successfully.

Step 4: Launch the Steam client and re-download the “Starbound.”

Step 5: When the game is installed, you can run it to see if it works properly.


Finally, a video game that combines action and adventure has been released. Graphics, components, and textures in the game contribute to a better experience for players. Using the following methods, you can cure the Starbound Crashes on Startup problem on your PC. For PC, Xbox One, Mac and Linux computers, the same procedures can fix starboard keeps crashing.

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