What is the mysterious pair tales of arise?

The mysterious pair tales of arise, Tales of Arise’s Tales of Arise sub-quest, The Mysterious Pair, focus on finding a “legendary instrument” hidden by a specific Wizard Bard. However, the NPC does not divulge the exact location of the instrument, so players will have to solve a series of puzzles in the form of Wonder Texts to locate the instrument. Or, if they want, they may read this guide, which offers comprehensive information on completing Tales of Arise’s The Mysterious Pair questline in wonder text tales of arise. Here we will discuss the mysterious pair tales of arise:

What is the mysterious pair tales of arise?

Tales of Arise’s Mahag Saar contains a side quest called The Mysterious Pair. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the answer to the Wonder Bard’s mystery. Here you’ll run into the Wonder Bard once more, who will challenge you to solve a puzzle and locate an instrument to perform his magic for him according to the mysterious pair tales of arise.

How do you solve the mysterious pair quest?

First and foremost, you must have completed Shionne’s “A Healer and Her Patients” quest before embarking on this one. Upon agreeing to the terms set forth by the Wonder Bard, you will get three Wonder Texts in return. There’s a country covered in stone and sand just beyond the huts. An abandoned town is located in a wasteland to the north of this location. Third Wonder Text: “It slumbers at the rear of a tiny path; then, an antique tower rises.”

Tales of Arise’s ‘The Mysterious Couple’ Sub-Quest:

You must first finish ‘A Healer and Her Patients’ before you can begin ‘The Mysterious Pair’. In Menancia, Overseer Hill, you’ll get this mission automatically as the storey progresses. Travel to Niez is required upon completion of “A Healer and Her Patients,” travel to Niez is required. One of the patients you assisted in the previous quest, The Wonder Bard, is the NPC who will give you this new sub-task to complete. The Wonder Bard will tell you where to find an instrument if you talk to him. You’ll get three “Wonder Messages” from him:

Bibliophile tales of arise:

To begin the Bibliophile quest, go to the first floor of Autelina Palace in Menancia and pass through the library. Having reached the moment where Lord Dohalim joins your party is required. You can expect to see a librarian in a green outfit standing next to a bookcase. Tigrina is the character depicted here. Begin the mission by talking to her. You’ll get a little something for every little bit of progress you make.

Tales of arise owl locations:

An “attachment”—a decorative piece worn by any character in Tales of Arise—is given to you for each owl you locate. Artefacts are what you get from Owls later in the game instead of food. The Owl Forest is a locale you’ll come to in the game’s latter stages. As part of the primary narrative, you’ll have to see it. When you find a sufficient quantity of owls, you must proceed to the Owl Forest. Following is the list of tales of arise owl locations:

Ravine of Standings


Weeds of Iglesia

Garrison, Kyrd.


Castle Gates, Flame Trench

Three-quarters of a mile from the castle

Trapped in a Sea of Flames

Cliffs at Lacerda

Plains of White and Silver

The mysterious pair tales of arise walkthrough:

Get all 32 standard owls by finishing the main storey, and don’t worry about the extra ones. However, most subquests will be unlocked in the post-game, so you can do any side content you have access to at this time. You’ll also gain access to any story-related recipes, artefacts, and resources that we require to complete additional accomplishments. There is a one-hour cooldown on being able to talk to your colleagues when you unlock this feature.

The Tales of Arise Artifacts Locations Guide:

Many of the artefacts in Tales of Arise grant passive effects that can be used during your journeys. There are 23 artefacts in Tales of Arise, and we’ll cover them all in this guide according to the mysterious pair tales of arise.

Locations of Artifacts in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise’s “Curious Hobbyist” Trophy/Achievement may be earned by finding 20 of the 23 Artifact locations. However, as previously said, they are all worthwhile for passives. It’s important to remember that if you want to collect all of the artefacts, you’ll need to find all of the Owls first, or the owls will become unreachable.

Crocodile Crusher:

You will locate the first item at Mount Dhiara’s Mountain Trail, which was unlocked automatically during the main quest, Valley of the Four Winds.

The shield of a battle maiden:

This item can only be found in the Lord Chamber of Ganymede Castle after returning the 32 Owls to the Owl King.

Sphere of Color:

The Vivid Sphere can be found in the Iglesia Wastes. After you’ve reached the place on the map, you’ll need to climb the mountain in front of you. You will uncover this relic after taking a left and climbing a different mountain for some time.

The Machine Gun Is Broken:

Cysloden’s Bregon’s Hideout contains the Broken Machine Gun. Just go to the address on the map and start a conversation with the person you meet there. Defeating Snowplain herd’s culling is at hand here. To complete the Survey Says quest, you must now go back to where you started and speak with the person again. Now that you’ve obtained the key, head over to the Reville Prison Tower’s administrative office.

The Archaeological Excavation:

You’ll need to head to 2F of the Autelina palace to accomplish this. This item may be found in the Guardroom, precisely where you expect it to be

Tales of arising iron pipe:

Iron Pipe is a Crafting Material. Alphen’s weapon, the Realm Unifier, will require it. In contrast to other materials that you obtain from enemy drops, this one truly serves as a secret weapon. Sub-Quest The Mysterious Pair rewards the Iron Pipe upon completion. If you complete that task, you will be obligated to pick it up, and you cannot avoid doing so. After the storey, the mission can still be completed, so it’s not a thing that can be missed.


The Mysterious Pair Sub-Quest is initiated by speaking with the Wonder Bard at the entrance to Niez, the main town in the Mahag Saar realm, which serves as the starting point. The quest giver is only present if you had completed Sub-Quest “A Healer and Her Patients,” which you received automatically during the storey when you passed through the mysterious pair tales of arise.


How do you get to the Tales of Arise from this world?

To enter the Otherworld, you must complete the Spirit Temple and the Another Hillside Anomaly sub-quests first. Once you’ve completed both, you’ll be able to access the Otherworldly Visitors side quest.

In Tales of Arise, how do you finish the Bibliophile quest?

To begin the Bibliophile quest, go to the first floor of Autelina Palace in Menancia and pass through the library. Lord Dohalim’s involvement in your group is a requirement for this quest.

What are Tales of Arise’s rarest books?

The Heavenly Gaze, a weapon that Rinwell may manufacture, is the rarest book in Tales of Arise.

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