Everything you need to know about Titus Welliver net worth!

Titus Welliver net worth is $4 Million. Actor and painter Titus B. Welliver was born in the United States. Because of the character he played, Detective Harry Bosch, in the drama produced by Amazon Studios, he is now well-known. The author’s works served as an inspiration for the protagonist of the television show, who shares the same name as the author. While he was a student at New York University, one of his principal focuses of attention was the study of drama. Mobsters, a film that he directed and starred in 1991 as the renowned gangster Al Capone was distributed in theatres under his supervision. In this article, we will discuss Titus Welliver net worth.

Everything you need to know about Titus Welliver net worth!

Who is Titus?

U.S. Citizen Titus B. Welliver’s birthplace is the city of New Haven in Connecticut. His birthday is March 12, 1961. Despite this, Titus quickly realized that art school wasn’t for him, and his father gave him some good advice: “Don’t push yourself; instead, find something you enjoy doing.” The young man’s father encouraged him to follow his dream and become a professional performer because the boy always had a knack for the stage. Acting was his major at New York University, where he studied film.

Family Life with Titus Welliver:

He has been married five times and knows what it’s like. He originally wed a Hollywood talent agent named Heather Wielandt. After that, he tied the knot with actress Joanna Heimbold, but the union didn’t last. Titus has a daughter from his relationship with Alexander and two sons from his relationship with Heimbold. This man wed the Dutch fashion consultant and model Jose Stemkens in 2014. Beginning season 2016, Jose Stemkens walked the runway.

Designed and applied by Titus Welliver:

The actor has a tattoo of two koi fish swimming around a rock on his right shoulder. There’s a pattern on the right shoulder. The tattoo represents the physical location of his martial arts school. The two koi fish represent stability and movement in nature. Underneath the koi fish tattoo, you can find a comic book figure. On his right upper arm is a tattoo of Silver Surfer, a figure from Marvel Comics. Titus also sports a flower tattoo on his right bicep and other sentences on the right side of his body.

What is Titus Welliver net worth?

Titus Welliver net worth is $4 Million. It is estimated that Titus Welliver has a value of approximately 4 million dollars. Most of his riches were amassed throughout his nearly three-decade-long acting career, where he made the majority of his money. Even though he is best known for his work in the performing industry, he also has experience working in advertising.

Facts about Titus Welliver:

Titus Welliver has had a varied and certainly not dull acting career. However, after being in the industry for nearly 30 years, he has never had a significant role. His first opportunity to lead a series came when Amazon Prime cast him as the title character in the show Bosch. Titus was waiting for the proper job, and Bosch was it. Despite the show’s discontinuation, Titus may return. Keep reading to learn about Titus Welliver.

He Thought Painting Might Work:

Titus grew up in a very artistic family, encouraging his early exploration of his creative potential. The elder Neill Titus was a famous landscape painter, and young Titus’s initial ambition was to become an artist like his father. Neill specialized in landscapes. However, once Titus saw how much fun acting was for him, there was no turning back.

Multiple catastrophic setbacks have befallen him:

Titus has had a lot of success and happiness in his acting career, but his personal life has been full of sadness. His older brother passed away due to complications from muscular dystrophy. Even more tragically, Titus’s stepmother and infant sister went away within six months. His fourth wife had died of breast cancer, and he now had one fewer family member.

He attended New York University as a student:

When Titus made up his mind that he wanted to pursue a career in acting, he was well aware that he would have to put in a lot of effort to be successful. After deciding to pursue a career in acting, he enrolled at New York University to major in drama. It is not apparent whether or not he completed the course.

He narrates audiobooks:

Though his on-screen performance is what first made Titus a household name, he also possesses considerable voice-acting talent. He has also performed a character’s voice in the video game Mafia II, in addition to narrating audiobooks. Titus’ voice can be heard in the audiobook versions of several works, most notably Robert B. Parker’s popular western novel series.

His Son’s Acting Career:

Titus is a proud dad since his three kids are showing symptoms of wanting to do what he did when they grow up. In reality, he has worked on projects with his son, Quinn. Quinn played a younger version of his father’s role in an episode of Bosch when he was just 13 years old.

He has a soft spot for animals:

Everyone who has ever spent their home with a furry pet knows that the bond between humans and animals is unique. Titus knows firsthand how this feels, and as a committed animal lover, he frequently expresses his wish to be able to take in several creatures. When speaking with Smashing Interviews, he said, “I always say that if I had 1,000 acres and a huge old fence, I would live that way, and they could all just come and be there.” Nothing else could make me happier or more content with my life.

Given the First Son of Rembrandt’s Name:

Titus’s father deeply respected the visual arts, so he named his son Rembrandt after one of the most well-known artists in history. The youngest van Rijn child, Rembrandt Titus Titus van Rijn, is the namesake for the artist’s most famous son’s given name. Titus’s life had been cut short twice. Only Rembrandt’s son Titus van Rijn lived to reach adulthood. One of Rembrandt’s wives inspired his name.


Titus Welliver net worth is $4 Million. The novels written by Michael Connelly serve as the inspiration for the television show Bosch, which airs on Amazon Prime. Titus confesses that he could not read all of the books in the series before the beginning of production, even though he had read one in the series years before earning the role. However, he resumed reading and focused on the books that shaped him.


What is Titus Welliver net worth?

Titus Welliver net worth is $4 Million.

Where does one find this Titus Welliver character?

Titus Welliver is a famous actor with a lot of fans. Titus Welliver entered this world on March 12, 1962. Titus Welliver’s wealth is a topic that interests a lot of people.

What is the age of Titus Welliver?

On March 12, 1962, Titus Welliver entered the world. So, at this point, Titus Welliver is sixty years old. Titus Welliver is a famous actor with a lot of fans.