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Tn amber alert: Two people were discovered safe after a tn Amber alert was issued for a 3-year-old boy from Tennessee and his 15-year-old cousin. On Thursday morning, the 3-year-old and his cousin were found near Dana Point, south of Los Angeles, by Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies, who tweeted about the discovery. According to the department’s statement, OC Sheriff’s Department said a worried citizen reported spotting a youngster matching the 3-year-description old while taking her child to school and called law enforcement.

Aggravated kidnapping:

A Dana Point resident who found the infant and teen said, “You just have to trust your instinct and your stomach when you witness these things because I almost didn’t act upon it.” If I had a child of my own, I’d want someone else to do the same for me.” An aggravated kidnapping warrant filed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation led to the arrest of the child’s father, Jacob Clare, at the spot, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes stated at a Thursday afternoon press conference.

Joyous occasion:

Reuniting the three-year-old and his cousin will be a joyous occasion for everyone. ¬†According to the Nashville Tennessean, after Jacob Clare failed to return the 3-year-old to his mother’s home in Gallatin, Tennessee, at the end of a scheduled visitation, the child’s mother reported him missing on November 7.

TBI tweeted:

TBI tweeted Tuesday morning that an increased aggravated kidnapping charge against Jacob was being filed against him and that information was made public. #tn amber alert for NoahClare’s Subaru Legacy has been located in San Clemente, California. We’ve asked the states for help in getting the word out about this case.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation:

The CHP notice also stated that Jacob’s 16-year-old niece, Jacob’s niece, was thought to be with Jacob and his son. On November 5, 2021, a police officer in Beaver Dam, Kentucky, reported a Missing from her home was a 16-year-old girl.


Tn amber alert now believed that she was abducted by her uncle, Jacob Clare, after “new information was discovered in the investigation,” the police officer told NBC 7. According to the CHP, Jacob was armed and dangerous during his search. Barnes claimed no weapon had been located, but detectives were still combing through his belongings. GALLATIN, Tenn. On Tuesday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued the Amber Alert for a missing Gallatin child.

Kidnapping allegation:

TBI authorities said the kidnapping allegation had been upgraded to particularly aggravated. It was previously a source of frustration for family members because the police had mishandled the initial notice. A 35-year-old relative of Noah Clare’s, Jacob Clare, is still being sought by authorities in connection with the kidnapping of the 3-year-old. His height is 6 ft 7 in (187 cm) “and is roughly 200 pounds in weight.¬† an amber alert 3-year-old boy, Noah has brown hair and blue eyes. He’s around 3’5” tall “and weighs about 40 pounds.

The Tennessee license:

On Nov. 5 or 6, Jacob Clare is believed to have left Kentucky’s Ohio County and traveled to Gallatin to drop off his son, Noah, with relatives. He didn’t show up. Clare was last seen driving a silver or grey 2005 Subaru Legacy with the Tennessee license plate 42MY10, police said. Is there no longer any evidence of back-of-the-vehicle stickers? On Tuesday afternoon by TBI, it was revealed that the Subaru had been discovered on November 13 near San Clemente, California.

Arizona State Route:

An Arizona State Route 95 sighting was recently made as the car made its way into Parker, Arizona, near the California border. According to the TBI, the towing company contacted local police authorities about the missing vehicle on Tuesday. The TBI said it had got state officials in California to help spread the message. Officials with the Michigan State Police said earlier this week that Clare had probably transported Noah that far north. However, no evidence of their presence has been found in the state.

Beaver Dam police:

Beaver Dam police Lt. Tommy Phelps notified Kentucky State Police of the circumstances of the case, including the fact that Jacob Clare purchased the vehicle in Tennessee. Amber Clare’s family wishes the agency would issue an alert for her, but Amber Clare is currently unaffected. “I’ve been harassed mercilessly by the state police. Doing it was tough for me. “Jamie Bravata, Amber Clare’s mother, made the statement.

Great excursion:

A “great excursion” was what Bravata recalled the girl had mentioned in a letter. “She didn’t say it was him, but she didn’t know anyone else who was down there with us at the time. About a year ago, my family and I relocated to Kentucky. There is no school for the first year. So, she didn’t make any new acquaintances while at the university.


“I’m confident it will happen. Having that is going to be a major factor, “she remarked.”Because not everyone has access to social media, not everyone has access to the news. That doesn’t mean they don’t get Amber Alerts or a friend who says, “Hey, we just received those, and did you see them.” As a result, I am confident that they will be a great benefit. Tn amber alert, Tn amber alert, Tn amber alert.

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