15 cool and Unique shot glasses review.

Unique shot glasses are generally advised to consume alcoholic beverages to become intoxicated as quickly as possible. Drinking tequila, vodka, or whiskey from a shot glass is a must to keep your drink chilled. For those who cannot tolerate the taste of hard liquor, these glasses are so enticing that they will make you wish you were able to. See our selection of Cool and Unusual Shot Glasses, which includes a purchase link at the end of the title for each item. Here you can learn more about the best shot glasses and unique shot glasses:

Ozeri Moderna Artisan Series:

An innovative patent-pending design suspends beverages with an inner wall, while an additional outer wall protects drinks from hand heat and gives the glass a contemporary look.  As a result of this innovation, it’s ideal for serving both iced drinks and espresso shots. Hand-blown dimples on the glass’s side make it comfortable to hold. Borosilicate glass is used to make these shot glasses, which can hold 2 ounces of liquid.


It’s possible to use this for coffee.

Great for both hot and cold beverages

A design with two walls



Hand-washing is the preferred method of cleaning.

Shot Glasses by Orren Ellis Lasalle:

Its elongated, slender design with a generous 2.25-ounce capacity makes these shot glasses ideal for multiple shots.  Because they are so tall, they cannot be stacked when being stored. They won’t break or fall over because they’re made of tough, durable glass that can withstand drops and be used repeatedly. These glasses are also ideal for serving more complex liqueurs like tequila or gin when serving dessert or coffee.





Stacking is not possible.

The thinness of the glass

Pure Shot Glasses by Schott Zwiesel Tritan Pure:

The elegantly designed Tritan Pure shot glass from Schott Zwiesel, one of the most respected glassware manufacturers has a wider bowl and a longer profile than standard shot glasses. In addition, the slightly narrower top allows the complex aromas of spirits to be more prominent. Each shot glass is made of dishwasher-safe, chip-resistant glass from Germany. They each weigh 3 ounces and are approximately 4 inches tall.



Elegant and chip-resistant


The most delicate of materials

Unrecognized method of measuring

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses by Uncommon Goods:

1.2 ounces of liquid can fit in these shot glasses, which have a capacity of 3 by 1.25 inches. Pakistani artisans carve each glass one at a time by hand and insert acacia wood inserts for leak-proofing.


The salty finish adds flavor.

A fascinating topic of discussion


Suitable only for agave-based spirits

Shot Glasses with a Heavy Base by JoyJolt City:

The extra-thick weighted base on these JoyJolt shot glasses is designed to prevent breakage and spills, making them virtually unbreakable. It’s not just eye-catching on a shelf, but it’s also comfortable to hold. In addition, the 2-ounce capacity of the square shot glasses makes them an excellent cocktail mixing tool. There are no stacking options with this set of glasses.


With a hefty base, it’s sturdy.



The glass that is too thick will not stack.

Silipints Silicone Shot Glasses:

Tie-dyed green, rainbow, blue, orange, and clear patterned glasses make a stylish statement at any party. In addition to their party-ready colors, these glasses are also made of silicone, making them more durable than other glasses. But despite this, they have a pleasant weight and structure to them. It doesn’t matter what you do to these glasses: They’re practically indestructible and won’t shatter or fade. These are also considered cool shot glasses for guys.


As if it was impenetrable



It’s not easy to get rid of.

Glass Dispenser for Six Shots:

Pouring shots for a large group can be messy, but this shot dispenser system eliminates the mess. If you use a straight shot or a pre-mixed option, pour the liquid into the dispenser’s bowl, and the dispenser will distribute it evenly among the cool shot glass set. Plastic is far more durable than glass in this dispenser’s construction. The set comes with six shot glasses that hold 1.5 ounces each. These are expensive shot glasses.



Perfect for a large group of people

Drizzles out perfectly even shots


Plastic is a low-grade material.

Chilling Shot Glasses from Vicki:

The simplicity of Vicki’s design for a shot glass is one of its primary appeals. With their clean, modern lines and elevated appearance, these shot glasses are significantly different from standard barroom shot glasses. When you’re ready to shoot a spirit back, pull out the glasses from the freezer and fill them up. Above all has been mentioned about Unique shot glasses.


Preserves cold beverages without diluting their flavor

Effortless layout


Only cold drinks necessitate the use of soap and water.

High-end shot glasses:

You can think of these Unique shot glasses as the miniature version of the snifter for brandy. It’s a standard shot glass size, but with the arc and small handle that distinguish high-end tasting glasses, you can swirl and swirl and sip simultaneously. At least half of a standard tasting glass’s capacity is required. Sips of finer spirits such as Scotch, Cognac, or whisky are best enjoyed in this glass.


Included in the design is a small handle.


It’s not the best choice for a party photo.

Buyer Guide about unique shot glasses:


Choosing the right shot glass size is critical. To ensure accurate measurements in your cocktail, order a shot glass that is either exactly 1 ounce or 2 ounces. Any size will suffice whether you’re looking for a shot glass for yourself or a group of friends. If you’re going to drink spirits out of shot glasses, make sure you get at least a 3-ounce glass so that the alcohol has room to breathe.


The sound of shattered glass across a crowded bar is a bartender’s worst nightmare. Consider a shot glass with a thicker glass and a weighted bottom to ensure it lasts long. Tritan or silicone glass is an option. Breakage is less of an issue if, on the other hand, you’re looking for a shot glass specifically for sipping Scotch or Brandy.


What are you drinking, and under what conditions are you doing so? With a group of friends over for a few rounds of party shots, opt for a shot dispenser that can serve multiple people or sturdy shot glasses that can handle the night’s rigors. Above all has been mentioned about Unique shot glasses.


Made in the United States from a solid stainless steel round bar, this 4.5-ounce shot glass can handle even the toughest shot glasses and is dishwasher safe. Above, you can learn more about unique shot glasses.


Shot glasses need to be cleaned and maintained properly.

By washing your glasses immediately after each use, you can ensure that they last a long time. In either case, wash by hand or in the dishwasher and dry upside down. To achieve a high gloss, use a polish.

A shot glass holds how much?

However, many shot glasses on the market can hold more than 1 ounce of liquid.

Shot glasses are typically used for alcoholic beverages, but can they be used for other things?

Yes! Toothpicks and martini picks can be stored in them, and they can also be used to serve desserts.

Tall shot glasses hold how much?

Serving a shot in a tall glass is ideal, and these 2oz tall clear shot glasses hold a little more than standard short glass, making them an excellent choice for mixed and chilled shot recipes.



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