What is the best way to connect the dancing water speakers to a PC?

Water color speakers: One of the most enjoyable and soothing pastimes in the world is listening to music and enjoying the accompanying light show. It has been a long time since speakers with built-in LED lights were first introduced, but some manufacturers thought they might make the speakers even more enjoyable. As a result, they came up with adding LED lights to speakers with ‘dancing’ water jets to produce dancing watercolor speakers. To find the right one, you’ll need to sort among a slew of dancing water speakers available for purchase. Following are the best watercolor speakers of 2021.


Get these SoundSOUL speakers if you want a great light and sound show while listening to your favorite music. In this product, you’ll find a robust gadget that is both energy efficient and travel-friendly, as well as a water-dancing phenomenon that is sure to please the eyes. It’ll keep you riveted to the screen. Because of its elegant appearance and flawless craftsmanship, this is an excellent choice for giving as a present.


Weight in Grams: 816 lbs

The product’s dimensions are 24.4 x 15.5 x 7.9 in.

Wireless, Bluetooth, and other types of connectivity

The following are some of the extras: Charging USB devices


  • Portable and easy to transport.
  • 360-degree stereo surround sound.
  • The Interior and outside are acrylic, a beautiful material to feel.
  • Play/Pause, Prev/Next, Volume Up/Down, and Pre/Next Button


  • The overall sound is good.
  • It works well with other gadgets.
  • The texture is fantastic.


  • Bluetooth isn’t working.
  • The bass is lacking.

Colorful LED Dancing Speakers by Aolyty:

Compared to the last pair of speakers, these are only 9 inches tall. They appear better in a living or family room because of their more petite frame. Thanks to its USB power input connector, this cable is ideal for areas where you want to keep the wiring to a minimum. However, the LED lights are housed in a water container at the top. This one is best from water color speakers.


3.5 mm jack for headphones.

The speaker is number two.

The playback format is MP3.

Capacity: 354 ml


  • There are two channels available at this time.
  • 5 volts is the recommended input voltage.
  • Excellent frequency response for a small cone size.
  • A phone or computer can be used as a medium of operation.


  • It makes them more convenient to set up in confined locations.
  • It is suitable for those wanting loud, clean sound in small settings.


  • Their inability to link to other systems via Bluetooth makes them more cumbersome.

Speakers That Dance at Subsonic Speed:

To manage the loudness, they don’t have one. If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your living room or kid’s room but don’t have a lot of space, these lamps are great. The USB cord that powers them can be tucked away beneath a drawer or other piece of furniture, making it virtually invisible. The frame is vertically oriented. The lower portion might be either white or black.

Brand Subsonic

Weight 1.75 pounds.

LED Lights in a Variety of Colors.

There is a bullet amplifier in it.


  • This sleek black or white design is perfect.
  • Cables for the USB and AUX inputs are included in the box.
  • Tablet, Laptop, Computer, and MP3 Player are all included in the list of devices.
  • The water container and four distinct LED lights are located on the top.


  • Ideal for living areas with a preference for more neutral tones
  • The lack of controls makes it simple to use.


  • There is no way to send audio over a Bluetooth connection.

Speakers for e-Joy Water Dancing:

Using a stereo array of two speakers, these speakers have a vertical form. They stand at the height of approximately 9 inches. Suitable for any interior area where music and light show are desired simultaneously. Outdoors it’s more challenging to utilize. Vertical in shape, it has two major components. Five colors are available for the lower portions (blue, pink, red, white, or black). The upper sections carry the water and LED lights.


Satellitized Speakers

It is 1.6 Pounds in Weight

Water Speaker in Black Color


  • Symbolism and Artifice.
  • LEDs in four different colors.
  • The maximum power of the speakers is 5 watts.
  • Any audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack connection is compatible with this gadget.


  • The variety of hues offered makes them excellent for children’s rooms.
  • Because of their small size, cones produce a lot of sound overall


  • There is no Bluetooth connection.

Polkadance Water Speakers:

With these speakers, you’ll instantly fall in love with their conical shape. If you’re searching for a speaker that’s both stylish and functional, then these are the ones for you. The bases are black on grey speaker cones, creating a good contrast between the 9-inch-tall frames and the speaker cones. Four LED lights in the water containers create a colorful light show with purple, blue, and green hues. It allows them to be completely mobile in this regard.


USB and auxiliary

Rechargeable battery

Two-Way Audio Crossover

Apt-x is supported: Yes


  • Two wireless Water color speakers are included.
  • The 3.5mm jack can find here.
  • Users who prefer complete portability
  • Outdoor use can take advantage of battery power.


  • Each one is 9′′ tall.
  • Availability of Bluetooth and an auxiliary port.


  • There is no way to adjust the volume.


As the beating heart of the audio system, the Speaker is often referred to as such as well. Today, all things about water color speakers that add a stunning water feature to our living room will be discussed. As far as we know, no one knows what makes the fluid “dance.” It’s pretty straightforward. A pulse-reactive motor with upper-side magnets is likewise housed in the lower portion. The motor spins in time with the music when connected to the Water color speakers.


How do I connect the water color speakers?

The 3.5mm aux input or Bluetooth can connect your phone or device to the speakers.

Do you know how to add water to the water speakers’ reservoirs?

Because of this, you should never have to re-fill them. In some instances, a specific cap that may remove to add water can find on some models.

What is the best way to connect the dancing water speakers to a PC?

You can use a standard USB cord to link them.

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