Which Pokemon in Pokemon Sword may evolve with a Water Stone?

Water stone pokemon sword, Since the early Pokemon games, water stones have been an integral aspect of the evolution of Pokemon. A Water Stone may only be used to evolve Pokemon from Generation 1 onwards. Only six of the 898 Pokemon released since the Sword & Shield games use the Water Stone. “Sword & Shield’s open-world map, the Digging Duo, and PokeJobs make it simple to find all of the game’s evolution stones. Though acquiring a water stone pokemon sword may be simple, discovering and locating Pokemon that use the stone to evolve can be more difficult.

Locations where water stones can be found:

Large boulders across from the Lake of Outrage can occasionally provide Water Stones. Water crossing requires a Rotom Bike modification. Each day, a new evolution stone is released. In Bridge Field’s Wild Area, a Water Stone can be found. Then turn left at the brick wall on the other side of the Pokemon Nursery. Additionally, the Digging Duo at Bridge Field Wild Area has been known to unearth water stones on occasion. They do ask for monetary exchange in the form of Watts.

Vaporeon, Eevee:

Eevee is a well-known Pokemon from Generation 1, not just because it’s adorable. A variety of forms can be obtained through evolution stones, friendship, and the acquisition of special move types. Using a Water Stone at any level transforms Eevee into Vaporeon, a Water-type Pokemon. If you’re a lover of Eevee or want to complete your Pokedex, you may wish to catch as many as seven Pokemon to achieve every evolution.

Towards Poliwrath:

It’s a Generation 1 Pokemon, but Poliwhirl requires a Water Stone to complete its transformation into Poliwrath. The term “second stage evolution” describes this. Poliwhirl can develop into Politoed if it is exchanged while holding a King’s Rock, but only if it does so. It’s simpler to use a Water Stone to transform it into a Poliwrath. Water is no longer the only kind; it is joined with Fighting to form a hybrid.

Cloyster to Shellder:

Water Stones can transform Shellder into a Cloyster, another Generation 1 pure water-type. East Lake Axwell, West Lake Axwell, and the Giant’s Seat are all locations where you can find Shellder. Fishing in the Giant’s Seat for a Shellder is the best way to ensure the highest spawn rate. Shellder will be between levels 30 and 35 when he appears with a 60% spawn rate. Shellder emerge while it is snowing at West Lake Axwell.

Staryu to Starmie.

When given a Water Stone, Staryu, a Generation 1 water-type Pokemon, becomes Starmie. It has long been associated with Misty as a hallmark water-type Pokemon. Challenge Beach is the only place to find a Staryu in Sword & Shield. There is a 100% chance of spawning Staryu in the overworld.

Water stone pokemon sword:

To obtain a Water Stone in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area, you should trek to the Lake of Outrage. In front of one of the Watt Traders, there is a large pool of water. Rotom Bike, which you get throughout Route 9, about the time you get your sixth gym badge, is required for this. A stone circle waits across the sea, with evolutionary stones embedded in each rock. Pick them all up, and you’re sure to find a Water Stone somewhere there. If not, the rocks will respawn here at some point, so return once you’ve made some headway.

Water stone pokemon Arceus:

Pokemon Arceus’ Water Stone is a strange stone that can help some Pokémon evolve. It’s the colour of a deep pool’s clean water. This page explains where to find the Water Stone in Pokemon Arceus.

Ice stone pokemon sword:

In the Lake of Outrage, Ice Stone can be found. On this spot, there’s a large rock circle. The Ice Stone is one of several Evolution Stones hidden beneath the surface of each rock. To go to Lake of Outrage, you must first unlock the water bike. Take a shortcut around the area that’s been closed off by water. Route 9 is where another Ice Stone can be located. When you first unlock the Rotom Water Bike, you’ll see this.

Water stone location bdsp:

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Water Stone’s exact location is unknown. It is necessary to hold an Evolutionary Stone known as the Water Stone. Poliwhirl, for example, will develop into Poliwrath if it utilises this stone to do so.

Leaf stone pokemon sword:

Turffield’s Leaf Stone can be found (the town where the grass gym is). Take the trail to the left from the Pokemon Center in Turf field, and you’ll come to an area with stone constructions. A man stands with his arms folded and his back to the path, staring at one of the stones. The Leaf Stone can be found on the floor behind him. Both the Sword and Shield variants have it at the same spot.

Armoured island in the water:

Look for them on Route 2 or Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area to find Water Stones. Diglett’s Tunnel, at the western part, north of the stairwell. Brilliant-Stone Hunting! Quest on Isle Aphun in Poké Pelago can also yield the gems purchased at Olivia’s jewellery shop in Konikoni City for 3,000P.

Thunder stone pokemon sword:

Since the first generation of Pokemon games, Thunder Stones have been a component of the Pokemon universe. It could only evolve two Pokemon at the time. A Thunder Stone can now develop up to five Pokemon after eight generations. More than 800 Pokemon have been added to the database since the release of Pokemon Sword & Shield, making the original five seem insignificant. The stone may only be used on Pokemon that can develop into Electric-types, keeping with its name. Water stone pokemon sword, Water stone pokemon sword, Water stone pokemon sword.


When fishing in the Wild Area, you may want to look for the Water stone pokemon sword so you can transform your aquatic buddies into more powerful monsters. Using the Water Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can evolve particular Pokemon and build a water-based team of champions. Shellder, Lombre, and Eevee can all be developed with the water stone pokemon sword, which we’ll show you where to find.


What changes when you use thunderstone?

The following Pokémon evolve due to contact with a Thunder Stone: Pikachu transforms into Raichu while Eevee transforms into Jolteon.

Which Pokemon in Pokemon Sword may evolve with a Water Stone?

Using the Pokemon Sword and Shield Water Stone, you can develop Lombre into Ludicolo, Shellder into Cloyster, and Vaporeon.

A water Stone may only be used to evolve certain Pokemon.

Using a Water Stone, Staryu to Starmie is one of four Pokemon that can be evolved. Everything from an Eevee to a Vaporeon is here. It’s all downhill from there.

Where to Find a Supplier of Water Stone?

The Outpost Trader sells Water Stone for 1000mp.

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