What to Do After a Dog Bite?

What to Do After a Dog Bite? Even though we love these furry fur balls, sometimes they can get a little hostile. Maybe they were being teased, or they did it for the purpose of self-defense because they didn’t wish to be touched. However, it is unfortunate that you endured a dog bite.

What to Do After a Dog Bite?

The first thing that you need to do is, of course, ‘do not panic’. Yes, we understand that it hurts, and you are just waiting for an immediate solution. So, without any further adieu, let’s get into the solution.

How To Attend To A Fresh Dog Bite?

When someone gets a fresh dog wound from all the pain and all the different fears of infections, it can be a little difficult to not panic. But, we will give you a step by step guide on how to attend to it without much difficulty.

1. Breathe To Ease The Pain

When the sharp canine of the dog pierces through your skin, it will be painful. However, the pain is not enough to make you pass out. Thus, you should remember through the pain and ask for immediate help.

If you are someone squeamish with the idea of blood, then you must call for help. Because it could be the blood which can make you pass out, immediately call 911 if you have no one nearer to call for help.

2. Immediately Clean The Wound

At this point, when your body is somewhat accustomed to the pain and the initial shock has subsided, you should be able to get yourself to the nearby faucet. Now, it may be a little difficult through the pain, but you must clean the wound properly.

If you have any antiseptic solution, then you should apply and disinfect that area with the help of it. Yes, it will sting a little, but disinfecting that area is more important because an infected dog bite wound is essentially more painful than the little sting.

3. Apply Some Antibiotic Ointment

Once you get the wound cleaned to your satisfaction, it should eventually stop bleeding from the pressure of the cold water. Then it is time to start the healing process. For this, you need to apply antibiotic ointment to your skin.

Antibiotic ointment can be of any type, but they are generally the ones which do not sting. When you are applying antibiotics, it is also fit that you take paracetamol as well because wounds like these can result in mild fever.

4. Immediately Apply A Cover

Once you have cleaned and applied the right ointment, it is time to immediately cover the wound. It is not a raspberry burn that the more air you provide, the more it dries. This is a dog bite with high chances of infection, So you should always keep it covered.

5. Do Not Skip The Doctor

Whenever you are injured by a dog bite, it is highly recommended that you never skip the doctor. This is because you probably do not know the breed of dog that bit you and what kind of infections might emerge from it as well.

Only a doctor will be able to check the wound internally and give the appropriate medicine which will prevent any further infection. Plus, they will be able to dress the wound properly.

6. Change The Dressing Frequently

Again when the matter of infection is at par, keeping one bandage for too long is never a healthy option. You have to be very careful with your wound and do not apply water to it till it somewhat dries. Plus, you need to change the dressing yourself or get professional help to do it every two to three days.

7. Be Aware of Infections

Since dog bites are known for having bad infectious effects, you shouldn’t take them lightly. If the doctor calls you to take a few shots, do take them and keep checking for infections even after. See if there is excessive swelling, pain or redness around the wound. If you find any, immediately consult your doctor.

It Is Okay!

Many deal with dog bites in a year, and they get better in no time. So, there is no point in letting fear get the best of you. If you suffer lasting injury or disability from your injury consider legal help as you may be able to claim damages under the right circumstances. Try to attend to the wound properly, and get all the proper information from your doctor as well. What to Do After a Dog Bite? What to Do After a Dog Bite? What to Do After a Dog Bite? What to Do After a Dog Bite?