Wind staff code-Upgrade for the Wind staff in Origins.

Wind staff code, Since wandering robots are unpredictable, the Wind Staff is one of the more difficult staffs in Origins to obtain. This guide will follow you through the entire process of obtaining the base form of the staff and then upgrading it to its full Ultimate Staff capability. The Thunder Gun Wonder Weapon from the first Black Ops zombie series looks like the Wind Staff. Zombies are kicked out of the path by a powerful air blast, which can be improved to become a whirling twister capable of sucking them in. If the robots cooperate, the Wind staff code can be obtained early. However, it can also take a long time. Here we will discuss the wind staff code:

Ultimate Wind Staff:

Has a limited ammo supply but is the greatest for saving your life in a pinch. A high-round one-hit melee attack and an alternate mode are present in the Ultimate Wind Staff. The staff can be turned around by pressing the left directional pad, allowing the player to give an energy boost to a teammate. This additional method is quite beneficial when you can’t get to a downed player or don’t want to stand about reviving them.

What’s the best way to get ahold of the Wind Crew?

The gramophone and three yellow parts are all you’ll need for the Wind Staff. Before you can begin building the basic staff, you’ll need all of these items.

Location of the Yellow Disc:

1: Generator 5 (Stamina-Up machine) always spawns in one of the following locations:

2: Stamina-Up is located on a stone wall to the right of Generator 5.

3: In the tunnel of Generator 5, at a workbench

Large robots patrolling:

Large robots patrolling the map conceal all three components. A robot’s illuminating underneath foot can be shot and stood in front of to gain entry. Instantly, you’ll be able to claim the portion within the robot. You must repeat this for each robot at church, at the dig site, and Generator 2/Generator 3. Choose the wrong foot, and you’ll quickly fall to your knees in agony! Only one of the three robots will have yellow feet when there are three in the room simultaneously.

Black Disc:

The excavation site’s lowest level can be accessed using the Gramophone and the Black Disc. It can be found in one of three places:

1: Bottom of the walkway leading up to the excavation site, on a wooden box

2: The box is on the other side of the excavation site, close to the church’s entrance.

3: In a wheelbarrow next to PaP, near the top of the excavation site

The final step:

Go to the tunnel by Generator 4 once you’ve collected all of the necessary components, discs, and gramophones. Place the phonograph on the table at the bottom of the cave. As the music begins to play, keep an eye out for the yellow portal to take shape. Take the crystal from the yellow pedestal at the Crazy Place once you’re ready to enter through the portal. Then, use the yellow gateway you rebuilt earlier according to wind staff steps.

Align the symbols to solve the puzzle:

According to the wind staff code, this one is the most straightforward upgrade riddle. Go to the Crazy Place and look up at the yellow entrance to notice the enormous rings. Symbols on each ring have to be positioned in a specific order. Fortunately, the answer to this problem is the same in every game iteration. It is easy to rotate the ring simply by shooting it. Samantha may say: “You’ve solved the chamber riddle” if the rings are spun correctly.

Wind staff smoke locations:

Three stone balls are spewing smoke outside of the Crazy Place. Direct the haze toward the dig site using the wind staff code. The three-stone balls can be found in the following locations:

No Man’s Land Church:

Go into the basement, past the tank on your right, and toward the church. Continue up No Man’s Land after leaving the church’s rear entrance. The smoke will be visible about halfway up the mountain on your right. Fire it towards the direction of the dig location.

The Jug Area of Generator 4:

Stand to the left of the Stamina-Up machine at Generator 5. You can see the mound’s smoke if you face the excavation location. Again, aim precisely at the excavation location and shoot the smoke.

The Rings Align:

See if you can find a yellow orb that has appeared beneath the massive rings of the excavation site. You can now turn each big ring yellow by using the nearby switches. Shoot the yellow orb underneath, which flies upwards and disappears through the rings once all the gems have turned yellow.

The staff of the Wind Charged:

For the final step in claiming the enhanced Wind Staff, you must sacrifice the staff for a few minutes while collecting zombie souls. A shield and a Jug are recommended for this section. Okay, let’s go back to Crazy Place through the portal. To transform the wind staff code, kill 20-30 zombies and place the base Wind Staff on the yellow pedestal.

Upgrade for the Wind staff in Origins:

There is less ammo in the wind staff code than in the other states, making it a less effective weapon. Even after upgrading to Boreas’ Fury, it still has a far smaller ammo reserve and magazine capacity than other improved staves. A ten-second wind storm leads zombies to be pulled into the storm, where they die. Killing zombies with this deadly weapon appears to be a breeze.


Run circles around the portal exit region while planting mines along your path with claymores. In this way, you avoid the danger of being cornered by the falling stones. Zombies can be killed anywhere in Crazy Place, and their souls will always be gathered at the end. Using the enhanced Wind Staff, unleash a tornado of destruction.


Can you use the mule kick to hold two staff at once?

One person can only hold staff at a time. Whether you’re using a Mule Kick or not, you can only hold one staff at a time.

Which non-upgraded staff is the best?

Nonupgraded fire is best during the first 18 rounds, non-upgraded fire is best, but the wind is superior. The ice crew’s speed and agility make them ideal for high rounds. After a few battles with random, I’ve decided on the lightning staff.

What’s the best way to obtain the components for a wind staff?

Each of the three Giant Robots holds a staff portion located in their heads. For the player to go inside of the robot’s head, they must shoot the foot with the bright lights under it and get stepped on.

Is there a lot of power in the beginning?

Walk to the generator and turn it on as soon as you spawn in the Origins room. You’ll get free zombie blood and other goodies if you’re lucky. The starting room features two doors.

How can I hire the best employees?

The ice crew is top-notch. It doesn’t appear to have a round killing cap. On the other hand, fire seems to be a better early-stage weapon. Ice moves slowly.