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Our online magazine, Digital Travel Magazine, is a paper that gives you the recent updates and the news of the globe within minutes. This publication covers fashion, travel, politics, technology, health, movies, home decor and many more like this.

Any reader who wants to have recent news, story or any information around the world, we provide the latest information through our blog posts and articles. Moreover, the readers are provided with the chance to post their thoughts, stories, experiences and different ideas with us.

We provide an opportunity to anyone who wants to contribute to the Digital Travel Magazine Team. You can easily become a contributor to our prestigious magazine without any experience. Thus, there’s no such criterion for the participants. You can send us your thoughts, ideas or stories to us. We will feel pleasure by sharing your stories with our magazine.

You Can Share With the US On The Following Categories

Our magazine publishes articles or posts on different categories on which you can write or share your views or stories. You can visit our site and look at the older posts to check our criteria for writing. Further, we have encouraged you to write with us by sharing a list of the following criterion on which you can share your thought or story with us. Following is the list;


  • Home DECOR
  • Entertainment
  • Health & fitness
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle

On Which Niche You Can Share Your Ideas With Us?

We have made a list of the subjects on which a writer can share their words. Any author, participant, or author who loves to write because writing is their passion can share their words with us. We will be pleased to publish your work through our articles or blogs. Following is the list of topics or the types of posts that we publish in our magazine:



  1. REVIEW Post: Any writer, Guest Contributor, or participant can review anything he has experienced. The areas can be watched films, daily experiences, new products, reviews on brands, tours, hotels, restaurants, food blogging, etc. Your review must be on your real experience, not any self-made story.
  2. HOW to accomplish Posts The content of posts or articles you’re going to create should have a procedure and a format to make them complete.
  3. RECIPE You can share the classical and real recipes that are part of your family. You can send us your forefather or any new cooking recipes that we don’t know. Everybody wants to try new or traditional dishes, so share your delicious dishes and their recipes with us.
  4. Review on Buyer’s guides We encourage you to share your review on new products or gadgets that you have just received or started to use. You can guide the buyers through your experience.
  5. Latest NEWS or Travel Updates Everyone wants to know what is happening worldwide.
  6. TRAVELOGS If you are a travelling buddy or love tourism and want to share your experience on your recent or past travelling, you can send us your words. Your travelogues are truly welcomed here.
  7. NARRATIVES or OPINIONS: Our posts or articles are about any topic based on any effective storyline that inculcates a feeling or creates any social situation among the readers. Thus, it would help if you shared your effective and touching words.
  8. If you do not fall in the given criterion or do not have any interest in the above topics, you can also share your content or ideas on any latest trend, product, brand, gadget, or any other area.

Our magazine provides our readers with quick information, news or story about the world in a clear and short version so that anyone can read and enjoy themselves. Our minute long article instantly helps the reader spot your interests or needs. Thus, it would help if you kept in mind that submitting your writing to us must fall under this criteria too.

What is the Method of Submitting Your Article to the Digital Travel Magazine?

You can send your article to our board of editors simply if you are interested in getting published your words and want to become a member of this amazing online magazine.


  • You can send us your blog post or article through email at


Pricing and terms.

  • Our community of Digital Travel Magazine will read your shared article, and it will inform you of any possible changes if needed.
  • You will get a mail from us in a day as a notification.
  • Your article or content must be in MS Word or Google Docs.
  • You are directed to add pictures as attachments that are free from copyright.

Our Editorial Team will read your article and help everyone get an equal opportunity to be a part of our community.


We are pleased to make you a part of our writers’ group. Any topic or subject can become part of our magazine. You can share your stories if you reside in any part of the world.