What is Season 3 of World Trigger?

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 14 postponement affected other anime television programs. Salaryman’s Club was initially scheduled for the same time slot. The third season of World Trigger will end with Episode 14 of Season 3. The anime TV series World Trigger Season 4 will be on the air. The official website for Season 3 of World Trigger mentioned just 12 episodes. According to the official website, the first 12 episodes will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in two volumes in December 2021. When two additional episodes extended the third season, it was a surprise. Let us learn more about world trigger season 3 episodes 14:

What is Season 3 of World Trigger?

In the science fiction anime “World Trigger,” the residents of Mikado City, a place where monsters and human-like beings known as “Neighbors,” have invaded and attacked for four years after a portal to another world was established”Triggers” from the Neighbor technology are used by the Border to protect everyone, even if they are initially impotent to do so. Trion, a form of energy that comes from within the body, is used by triggers to enhance the user’s abilities.

When will Season 3 of World Trigger be released?

Thankfully, this time around, “World Trigger” viewers won’t have to wait seven years for a new season. Season 3 is scheduled to release in October of 2021 and will likely contain about the same number of episodes as Season 2. Even though it hasn’t been announced, it’s likely that world trigger season 3, episode 15 Crunchyroll will provide the simulcast service for Season 3 much as it did for Season 2 despite no official confirmation.

World trigger season 3 episode 14- World Trigger characters:

The Neighbors threaten the safety of Osamu’s friend Chika and other students at Border High School, so he joins the group to help defend them from harm. Osamu initially lacks combat and weapons training skills, but he perseveres, and he is promoted to Captain of the Tamakoma Second unit of Border, despite his inexperience. At his side, Osamu has Chika, who, despite his best efforts to keep her safe, can defend herself just as well as he can. Chika is a proficient sniper at Border and has ambitions to ascend through the ranks.


World Trigger tells the storey of Yma’s journey into the Border, where he learns to use his special abilities to safeguard Mikado City. Yma’s father gave his life to construct a Black Trigger for his son when the youngster was wounded and on the verge of death during a battle. The Black Trion sustains his life, and Yma is accompanied by a robotic companion and protector named Replica.

Ko Murakami:

In the Suzunari First, Ko Murakami is a defender. He is a person of integrity who works hard at his job. Ko, despite his stern demeanour, is friendly. The fact that he has the potential to enhance his memory while sleeping is one of his many negative effects. Other than that, he is an excellent combatant. He’s brave and willing to put others before himself. Since he is one of the strongest characters in World Trigger, Ko is a trustworthy companion.

Kyosuke Karasuma:

Tamokama First’s top assassin, Kyosuke Karasuma, is a high-ranking agent. In World Trigger, Kyosuke is one of the most powerful characters since he is an adept attacker and shooter. His demeanour is nice and easygoing most of the time, but he snaps into war mode when the going gets tough. In Kotetsu, he has a score of around 6000. During the battle, he assumes a commanding posture. Additionally, he has the power to increase the speed and strength of his blade.

Soy Kazama:

Soya Kazama is a top-tier agent, ranked A-Rank. In addition to leading the Kazama Unit, he also serves as a second-rank attacker in the team’s arsenal. He tends to keep his feelings to himself. Despite his deep-seated hatred of Neighbors, he chooses to stay cool under pressure. He has excellent tactical skills, making him one of World Trigger’s strongest characters. Kazama takes the helm of his squad with a keen eye on the road ahead. Because of his tactics, his crew is excellent at espionage.

Kirie Konami:

The Takoma Branch is home to Kirie. She’s an A-rank agent and one of the game’s most powerful characters. However, She possesses a childlike personality. Kyosuke frequently teases her because she is so trusting of his deceptions. She has a competitive side, but she cares deeply about her teammates and friends. Kirie is currently the No. 3 Attacker in the team. Her power is comparable to that of a single unit.

World trigger season 3 episode 14 countdown:

Binge-watching anime has recently become popular. Since the lockdown was implemented in 2020, more and more individuals have begun to watch anime. A surge in the esteem accorded to anime has occurred recently. The variety of genres accessible in Anime only enhances the experience of watching it. Many Binge watchers have their sights set on the anime series “World Trigger.” Spoilers for World Trigger Season 3 Episode 15 will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

World trigger season 3 episode 14 countdown:

The release date for “World Trigger” Season 3 Episode 14 has been announced, and spoilers, recaps, and raw scans are available here. ‘World Trigger,’ by Daisuke Ashihara, is a manga series in Japan. It was adapted by Toei Animations and made into an anime series. As a result of the show’s emphasis on action and science fiction, it stands apart from other manga series. And learn more about World trigger season 3, episode 14.

Release date and time of world trigger season 3:

The anime series World Trigger is based on Daisuke Ashihara’s World Trigger manga series. Season two aired for one series and was followed by the announcement of Season three during Jump Festa ’21. Between October 10 and January 23, 2022, Netflix aired the season finale. On the 23rd of December, 2021, we learned that there would be more episodes in January 2022. Kami wa Saikoro o Furanai’s “Time Factor” works as the cornerstone.


The anime version of Daisuke Ashihara’s manga, World Trigger, was produced by Toei Animation. When World Trigger’s first season debuted in 2014, it had roughly 70 episodes. Toei Animation produced it. Since its beginning, the season has been well-received by the community. Finally, the series was revived in 2021 with two more seasons and the original actors returning to reprise their roles. However, the third season has also come to an end, having provided us with World trigger season 3 episode 14.


Is World Trigger going to be around for a while?

Thankfully, this time around, “World Trigger” viewers won’t have to wait seven years for a new season. Season 3 is scheduled to release in October of 2021 and will likely contain about the same number of episodes as Season 2.

When are new episodes of World Trigger released?

New episodes are released on Sundays at 2:30 a.m. PST on the streaming site. During the trial time, non-members can watch the episodes for free.

Is Season 3 of World trigger season 3 episode 14 Confirmed?

World Trigger Season 3 has been set for October 9, 2021, which is the fall 2021 anime season. However, the third season’s final episode will be released in early winter 2022.

Is there an end to World trigger season 3 episode 14?

From Episodes 49 to 63, a “new series” became the “Fugitive Arc” of the anime.

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