Is the ns-ic800wh better than the ns-ic560c?

Yamaha nsic800wh: This tiny in-ceiling speaker model makes it possible to discreetly place the Yamaha nsic800wh in home theatres, bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas. Two-way “Polypropylene mica cone woofer and fluid-cooled soft dome tweeter for clean sounds with a wide frequency response” coaxial speakers have eight woofers in total. Precision positioning and top of the model output can achieve by rotating the tweeter.


In-ceiling speakers with magnetic grilles and outstanding sound quality may install in various ways. If you’d like to have an idea of what we’re going to be talking about, I’d like to give you a few highlights of the Yamaha nsic800wh model. When it comes to discrete in-ceiling speakers, the Yamaha nsic800 is one of the best options on the market. Speakers can also mount on the ceilings of living rooms, kitchens, and other common areas.


  • 2-way coaxial speaker
  • The Woofer has a rating of 8 out of 10 “cone of polypropylene mica
  • There is only one tweeter on this list “a swiveling, fluid-cooled, soft dome
  • 90 dB of sensitivity
  • Input Power: 140 watts.
  • Network (Crossover frequency): 12 dB/Oct (3.5 kHz)
  • Press-type speaker terminals are gold plated.
  • Magnet-catch grille: thin, slim-fringe design
  • Ten-seven-eighth by four-inch (Diameter x Depth)
  • Depth of Mounting: 4-1/4″
  • In terms of weight, it’s about four pounds.
  • They are packaged in a pair.


Exceptional Sound:

This speaker is water-resistant to a depth of 8 “blue polymer mica cone with a one “swivel tweeter that provides high-frequency sound positioning and pure high frequency.

Installation is a breeze:

Quick and fast installation with magnets on the grille.

Clamp with a non-slip tread for secure attachment

A one-of-a-kind design:

The back cover has been sealed to protect the speaker and crossover from dust and moisture.

Realistic sound:

In addition, you get a speaker with a grain-finished acoustic baffle with a spiral pattern. It has been designed to provide you with a more realistic sound dispersion. As a result, it has a small profile that is ideal for mounting to a ceiling or wall. The paintable grille of the Yamaha NS-IC800wh is the most talked-about feature. Yamaha has done a fantastic job with this function.

Best sound systems:

The Yamaha nsic800wh 140 watts 2 way RMS speaker is one of the best sound systems and speakers that Yamaha has ever manufactured. Nsic800wh 2-way models from Yamaha are among the most popular speakers on the market today. It is one of the best quality speakers on the market with much power and endurance.


With an in-ceiling speaker like this one, you may paint them any color to fit your room’s decor. Your room will have a more organic vibe as a result.

  • The second example is one that many of us can identify with.
  • As a result, the speakers can be damaged, and their product sounds degrade.
  • There are no worries about your kids getting their hands on the Yamaha model because it is suspended from the ceiling, which is unlikely.
  • Your speakers will last a long time because of this. Yamaha nsic800wh is well aware that most of us aren’t familiar with the process of installing in-ceiling speakers.
  • Because of this, they included templates in the beginner-level user handbook to make speaker installation a breeze.


  • These speakers from Yamaha use polypropylene mica cones for the bass you need to enjoy your music in the best possible way.
  • There is no better way to safeguard speakers installed into ceilings or walls than with the Yamaha NS-IC, which comes with a sealed back cover to do just that. It adds to the product’s longevity.

Non-slip tread:

Large mounting clamps with a non-slip tread ensure a solid hold on any surface. It’s also magnetized, making the grille installation process faster and easier.


The speakers sound great and are a great value for the money:

Throughout my home, I’ve installed ceiling speakers. In my experience, these are the best-sounding speakers I’ve come across. I’m gradually replacing the other speakers in my home with these. They are simple to install and appear to be of high quality.

The speakers are excellent:

The sound quality is excellent, thanks to these speakers. They were a breeze to put together. In addition to having full access to the attic, the template made it simple to measure, and the speakers were affixed to the ceiling in no time.

Full mids and bright highs:

These replaced the Niles 8″ speakers, which always sounded lifeless, muffled, and didn’t have the same sparkle to them musically. I use these for “background” music that is diverse in range, so my audio enthusiast ears can now appreciate music outside of my listening space.


In addition to motorcycles, Yamaha nsic800wh is well-known for its electronics, such as speakers, which we’ll be examining in this article. It’s another example of Yamaha’s ingenuity. Speakers that are built to meet the end-user’s needs, rather than the manufacturer. Yamaha has never let us down when it comes to quality.


NSIC600WH vs. NSIC800WH: Is there a discernible change in the audio quality?

I know the difference between the two models because I’m an audio engineer. To the untrained ear of a casual listener, there will be no noticeable variation in the sound quality. Every person’s ears and brain are just a tiny bit different. Thus this will likewise vary from person to person. Consequently, not all humans can hear the frequencies removed from the speakers.

Is the ns-ic800wh better than the ns-ic560c?

Yamaha nsic800wh, my theatre area, has them installed as above speakers. Only a 20×18-foot space, but they’re thriving in it.

What is the price of the Yamaha nsic800wh?

As I’ve mentioned numerous times in this essay, Yamaha has long been known for producing high-quality items. We all want a product that is affordable but not so cheap that it sacrifices quality to be reasonable.

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