The outside of a Challenger Cobra 392.

Challenger cobra 392: Despite the third Challenger generation’s ten years, the Challenger Cobra 392 is still far from obsolete. The Challenger has a 1971-inspired muscle-car look, but it’s also more modern than ever before. The rear-wheel-drive cobra 392 coupes. Six-speed manual transmission controls outputs by default with an eight-speed automatic transmission as an option. The Challenger Cobra 392 is a colossus in the muscle car market, dwarfing competitors like the Camaro SS and Mustang GT in sheer size. Even though it’s no Demon, 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds isn’t something to joke about, and the bite matches the bark.


Standard on the cobra392 is a heated and foldable rear spoiler with a backup camera and power, multifunction and heated outside mirrors. The driver’s seat has four-way lumbar, six-way power, and heating and ventilation features.

The outside of a Challenger Cobra 392

With a split grille, prominent and functional power bulge hood, bi-functional LED halogen headlights and split LED tail lamps; the Cobra 392 is instantly recognizable. A new 20-inch matte black finish. 5 In addition to the standard aluminium wheels, you may now pick the Brass Monkey wheel options for the new Cobra 392.


The Challenger is a knight among pawns in size and weight, with a wheelbase of 116.2 inches. A body measuring 198 inches long by 75.7 inches wide and 55.9 inches tall is 4.5 inches off the ground. According to the EPA, manual-equipped models weigh 4,262 lbs, while automatic-equipped models weigh 4,286. Although both the Camaro and the Mustang are considered pony cars, the Challenger cobra 392 is roughly 10 inches shorter and about 500 pounds lighter.

Colours for the exterior of a building:

A total of 15 exterior colours are available for the 2018 Challengers. A new addition to the 2018 paint palette is F8 Green, while B5 Blue and Plum Crazy return after being eliminated in 2017. The Challenger looks even more like a classic muscle vehicle when painted in a bright colour like Octane Red, Go Mango, or Plum Crazy and decked out with a slew of stripes and decals that match the roar of the V8 under the hood.

Performance of the Challenger Cobra 392:

The Challenger cobra 392 is no longer distant from the brand’s most powerful models, such as the Hellcat and Demon. However, despite the car’s massive weight, the V8 engine manages to accelerate the cobra392 from 0-60mph in just 4.2 seconds when the six-speed manual transmission is engaged. Adding an automatic transmission reduces acceleration by 4.4 seconds but provides a layer of convenience for daily driving.

Impressions of Driving and Handling:

Challenger cobra 392 impresses with its ability to produce a smooth and comfortable drive while yet delivering competitive performance when the need comes, but the stigma of muscle cars being straight-line monsters isn’t completely cast away. A huge vehicle drives like one as well. The suspension and adaptive damping system of the cobra392 are performance-tuned, but they handle most road irregularities and undulations with ease.

Challenger Cobra 392 Miles per Gallon:

Cobra 392s fitted with an eight-speed automatic transmission get 15/25/18 mpg city/highway/combined in the EPA’s gas mileage estimations compared to the other two transmission options. It gets 14/23/18 mpg with a six-speed manual transmission. As long as you can remove the lead from your right boot, the Cobra 392’s 18.5-gallon gas tank can go 314.5 miles before needing a refill.

The interior of the Challenger cobra 392:

High-quality materials and attention to detail are evident throughout the interior of the Challenger cobra 392’s cabin. There are no rattles or squeaks to be heard from the seats or any crucial touchpoints. The cabin arrangement is primarily focused on the driver’s comfort and convenience. Despite this, the Challenger provides the most legroom for passengers in the cabin. Comfortable and supportive seats can be found throughout the cabin.

Interior Space and Seating:

The Challenger Cobra 392 has the best cabin space of any two-door coupe we’ve tested, comfortably accommodating five people. Large adults in the rear seats will not feel cramped, as there is enough head and legroom throughout the interior. The seats themselves are more like soft sofas than standard chairs. The Challenger’s doors open wide, but their weight makes it difficult to open and close in confined spaces or on hills.

Colours and Materials in the Interior:

A flat-bottom steering wheel wrapped in cobra leather and metal sports pedals are included as standard equipment on the Challenger cobra 392. Premium Laguna leather is used throughout the cabin, and the Sepia or Black Performance seats have embossed cobra emblems and perforated leather inserts. Red are available as an option for the Cobra 392 with Nappa leather upholstery.

Trunk and cargo space of the Challenger cobra 392:

The Challenger’s massive trunk and cargo capacity is a prominent personal trademark and a class-leading feature. The 16.2 cubic foot trunk has enough space to hold a set of golf clubs, business luggage, a laptop bag, a gym duffel bag, and a school bag. The 60/40-split foldable bench in the vehicle’s back provides more flexibility.

Sealed storage cubby:

While there are only a few places to stash things, there are plenty of other places to stash things in the cabin. There are two small door side pockets on each door and bottle holders. There is a sealed storage cubby under the centre armrest with two cupholders.

Reliability Issues with the Challenger 392:

It was the most recent and relevant recall. Several complaints from drivers have also been registered with online authorities.


The roar of a V8 engine.

The handbook is here to stay.

Infotainment systems in use today

Comfortable and luxurious cabin

Cargo space that is superior to the average


Dreadful dynamics of handling

Rearward visibility has been hampered.

Inconclusive results from crash tests


Customers can personalize their Challenger Cobra 392 in various ways thanks to the car’s signature muscle car appearance in a variety of out-there colours. Many people may have forgotten about the cobra 392 after the arrival of the Challenger Demon. But the fact that it’s a well-regarded muscle vehicle in its own right and one of the last of its sort only enhances its attractiveness. A naturally aspirated V8 engine delivers amazing power.

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