German Shepherd Poodle Mix: Breed Overview ,Health ,Care

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German shepherd poodle mix dogs, also known as shepadoodles, don’t have a standard appearance or personality. They inherit traits from both German shepherds and standard poodles, so they can vary in size, weight, looks, and behavior.

Some may have the typical black and tan coat of a German shepherd, while others might have the curly, low-shedding coat of a poodle.

Both German shepherds and poodles are active and smart breeds, and the shepadoodle is no different. They need lots of exercise, regular training, and since they come from working dog backgrounds, they thrive when they have tasks to do.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

German Shepherd Poodle Mix Breed Overview

  • Weight: 60 to 90 pounds
  • Height: 22 to 28 inches
  • Lifespan: 10 to 14 years
  • Temperament: Friendly, playful
  • Shedding: Minimal shedding
  • Energy Level: Highly active
  • Coat Type: Often curly and medium-length
  • Colors: Black, brown/chocolate/liver, cream, gray, or white
  • Intelligence: High

History of Shepadoodle

In the 1980s, people started breeding Labradoodles, which are a mix of Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. People liked these mixed dogs a lot, so they began mixing Poodles with other breeds like German shepherds.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

The American Kennel Club doesn’t officially recognize the mix of German shepherds and Poodles, so there aren’t official rules about how they should look or behave. We don’t know much about how these dogs came to be without official records.

But let’s talk about the parents of shepadoodles. Poodles were originally used for hunting in Germany and are now France’s national dog. German shepherds, on the other hand, were also from Germany and have been working dogs for armies and police all over the world for a long time.

Appearance of Shepadoodle

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

A shepadoodle is a big dog, like German shepherds and poodles. When they’re all grown up, they can be as tall as 22–28 inches and weigh from 60–90 pounds.

But the cool thing is, they don’t all look the same. Some shepadoodles might look more like German shepherds, while others might look more like poodles.

Most shepadoodles have coats that are rough and thick, kind of like a German shepherd’s, and they’re often black and tan. But some can have curly hair because of the poodle in them. Sarah Smith, who helps rescue dogs in Texas, says that,

“If there’s more poodle in their family tree, they might shed less and be better for people with allergies.”

Even though you might see a lot of black shepadoodles, there are also ones with different-colored coats, like white, cream, or fawn.

Temperament of Shepadoodle

German shepherds and poodles might look different, but they share similar personalities. They were both bred to work and are known for being smart, active, trainable, and needing mental challenges. When you mix a German shepherd and a poodle, you get a shepadoodle, which has these same traits.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

A shepadoodle is best for people who already know a lot about taking care of dogs. To maintain their happiness, they require ample exercise and mental stimulation. It’s important to keep their minds busy so they don’t get bored.

Like poodles and German shepherds, shepadoodles love being around their families. They’re not the type of dogs that enjoy being alone, so it’s important for their families to spend time with them, play with them, and show them love.

According to Smith, shepadoodles really need their owners to be involved in their lives. They want you to be a part of their activities and adventures.

Health of Shepadoodle

German shepherd poodle mixes are usually healthy dogs and can live for around 10 to 14 years. But, like all dogs, they can have health issues that they inherit from their parents.

Poodles can have a problem called progressive retinal atrophy, which makes their eyes not work well and can lead to blindness. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for this, but your vet might suggest giving them certain vitamins to help slow it down.

German shepherds often get a disease called degenerative myelopathy. It affects their spinal cord and makes their back legs weak and sometimes they can’t walk anymore. Sadly, there’s no treatment for this disease.

Another common problem in German shepherds is hip dysplasia, which makes their hip joints not fit together well. They might need things like physical therapy, medicine, or even surgery to help them feel better.

One of the most serious health issues for German shepherd poodle mixes is called bloat. It’s when their stomach gets really full of gas and then twists, which can be very dangerous. Sometimes, vets recommend a surgery called gastropexy to prevent it from happening.

Care of Shepadoodle

To make sure your German shepherd poodle mix is happy, it’s important to give them lots of exercise. They need to move their muscles and also use their brains. They’re really good at activities like agility, obedience, and flyball. Taking them out on a leash to sniff around can be fun for them too.

Training is really necessary. German shepherd poodle mixes are super smart and they like learning new things. If they don’t have enough mental challenges, they might get bored and start doing things like chewing or barking too much. So, it’s important to train them well.

Training also helps you bond with your German shepherd poodle mix. Always use positive ways to teach them, and when they do something good, reward them. This helps them understand what you want from them.

Taking care of their fur is important too. Whether they have a flat coat like a German shepherd or curly hair like a poodle, they need to be brushed often. If they have curly hair, you might need to take them to a professional groomer sometimes.

Don’t forget about their nails, teeth, and keeping them safe from fleas and ticks. Checking and cleaning their ears regularly is also a good idea, especially if they like swimming.

Taking care of all these things will keep your German shepherd poodle mix shepadoodle healthy and happy. The shedding tendencies of the German Shepherd Poodle mix shedding hybrid breed are essential for effective grooming routines.

Living Requirement of Shepadoodle

The shepadoodle, a mix of German shepherd and poodle, needs lots of space, interaction, exercise, and training to thrive. They love running and playing, so having a fenced yard is important.

It’s not ideal to raise them in apartments because poodles bark a lot and German shepherds alert to noises. If you live in an apartment, you might get annoyed looks from neighbors if your shepadoodle barks a lot.

Even with a yard, they still need you to play with them since they’re very energetic. They enjoy activities like running, hiking, and swimming. They’re usually good with big dogs and older kids but might chase small pets. Families with small children might find them too energetic.

The lovable poodle German Shepherd mix puppy, blending intelligence and charm into an adorable bundle.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix Pictures

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

Fun Facts of Shepadoodle

  1. The shepadoodle isn’t the only popular mix with German shepherds. There are other mixes too, like the Gerberian shepsky (a German shepherd husky mix), the golden shepherd (German shepherd golden retriever mix), and the Sheprador (a mix of German shepherd and Labrador retriever).
  2. There are also many other mixes with poodles that people like. Some examples are the goldendoodle (a mix of poodle and golden retriever), the Bernedoodle (a mix of poodle and Bernese mountain dog), and the Yorkie-poo (a mix of poodle and Yorkshire terrier).

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Note: The German Shepherd Poodle mix, or Shepadoodle, is a popular hybrid breed. Prospective owners should research thoroughly for understanding their unique traits and needs. If anyone wants to learn more about pets, read our article at harpersatelier.

The German Shepherd Poodle mix price can vary, with some being priced around $1800, influenced by factors like breeder reputation and lineage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are German Shepherd Poodle Mix Hypoallergenic?

Shepadoodles have unique healthcare needs, so it’s important to plan ahead for vet costs by comparing insurance plans. This dog breed is a mix of German Shepherd and Poodle, medium to large-sized, and hypoallergenic.

What’s the size of a full grown German Shepherd Poodle mix?

A full-grown German Shepherd Poodle mix, or Shepadoodle, typically ranges from medium to large-sized, with an average weight of 50 to 90 pounds and a height of 22 to 28 inches at the shoulder.


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