Most Popular Goldendoodle Haircuts To Try

Goldendoodle haircuts offer a delightful array of styles, each designed to enhance the unique personality of these wonderful dogs. As a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, Goldendoodles come in a range of coat types and colours, and these characteristics can significantly influence the haircut you choose.

Goldendoodle haircuts

Over 20 popular grooming styles ensure you can find the perfect look to complement your Goldendoodle’s coat and its unique personality.

Perusing pictures of different Goldendoodle haircut styles can help you choose the perfect look to enhance your pet’s charm.

Whether they have curls or waves, the right haircut adds to their adorable appearance and ensures their comfort and well-being. During grooming, explore various options to ensure your Goldendoodle looks and feels their best, showcasing their unique style and personality.

List of goldendoodle haircuts

Here is the list of Goldendoodle haircuts

1.     Teddy Bear Haircut

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Teddy Bear Haircut is popular for Goldendoodle owners who want their pets to look like cuddly toys. This particular cut gives the head and body a rounded, plush appearance, much like a teddy bear.

The hair around the head and ears is often left longer to create a fluffy teddy bear face, while the hair on the body is trimmed shorter. Special attention is given to the paws and teddy bear arms to complete the adorable look. With this cut, your Goldendoodle will look like a living, breathing teddy bear, ready to be hugged.

2.     Kennel Cut

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Kennel Cut is a practical, low-maintenance haircut option for Goldendoodles during warmer months. It focuses on keeping the hair on the body and head short, which is especially beneficial in summer heat.

This style is characterized by its simplicity and practicality, making it easier to maintain while ensuring your Goldendoodle stays comfortable. The tails are usually left untouched, offering a variety in the overall appearance of this cut.

The Kennel Cut is an excellent option to consider for your Goldendoodle if you are searching for a haircut that is both simple to maintain and practical.

3.     Goldendoodle Poodle Cut

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Goldendoodle Poodle Cut is a stylish grooming option that combines the characteristics of the Goldendoodle and the Poodle. This cut pays particular attention to achieving a balanced and elegant appearance.

The hair on the body and legs is typically trimmed to a uniform length, while the ears and muzzle are neatly shaped to enhance the dog’s features. The eyes and face are left with a soft, expressive look, and the head is often given a rounded, well-groomed appearance.

The tail may also be trimmed to complement the overall style. This style requires regular maintenance to keep your Goldendoodle looking its best. The Goldendoodle Poodle Cut is a favourite among people who appreciate a polished and sophisticated appearance for their beloved pets.

4.     Puppy Cut

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Puppy Cut is popular for grooming Goldendoodles, especially young ones. This style involves trimming the hair on the body and head to a short and even length, giving your pup a neat appearance.

One of the key advantages of the Puppy Cut is its simplicity, making it a practical option regardless of the age of your Goldendoodle. It doesn’t matter if your furry friend is a young puppy or a bit older; this cut keeps them looking adorable and comfortable.

The face is often trimmed to maintain visibility and a cute shape, ensuring your Goldendoodle looks its best. Whether you choose a shortcut or a more detailed trim, the Puppy Cut is timeless and charming for your beloved pet.

5.     Lion Cut

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Lion Cut is a bold and distinctive grooming choice for Goldendoodles that can make them look regal and dignified. This style, often associated with the Poodle world, sculpts the hair to resemble a lion’s majestic appearance.

The body is typically shaved close, while the legs and tail retain tufts of hair to mimic a lion’s mane and the tuft at the end of their tail. The head may also have a tuft of hair, enhancing the resemblance to the king of the jungle.

The chest remains well-groomed to maintain the lion-like look. The Lion Cut is a creative and playful way to give your Goldendoodle a distinctive and majestic appearance that will turn heads.

6.     Lamb Cut

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Lamb Cut is a charming and fluffy grooming choice for Goldendoodles that resembles the appearance of a cuddly lamb. People who adore this style focus on giving their dog a soft and woolly look.

The hair on the body, legs, and ears is long and textured, creating a delightful and playful appearance. The edges of the coat are carefully shaped to achieve the desired lamb-like effect.

The face is usually framed with longer hair, accentuating the eyes and giving your Goldendoodle an endearing look. This puppy cut is about creating an adorable and lovable appearance, making your pet resemble a little lamb most delightfully.

7.     Round Feet Cut

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Round Feet Cut is a charming grooming option for your beloved Goldendoodle. This haircut shapes the hair around their feet and legs to create the illusion of charming, round paws.

Groomers use scissors to trim and sculpt the hair around the nails and paws, giving them a defined, circular appearance reminiscent of adorable little shoes. This grooming choice adds a unique and endearing charm to your pet’s appearance, enhancing their aesthetics and comfort by keeping the hair around their paws neatly trimmed.

Popular among pet owners who want to showcase their dog’s individuality and flair while maintaining grooming needs, the Round Feet Cut adds personality and cuteness to their look, making your Goldendoodle even more irresistible whether they’re a showstopper or cherished companion.

8.     Dino cut

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Dino Cut is a one-of-a-kind and playful grooming style designed specifically for Goldendoodles, drawing inspiration from the ancient Stegosaurus dinosaur. This innovative haircut involves carefully shaping your pet’s fur on the back and body to mimic the distinctive square-shaped plates that once adorned the dinosaur’s spine.

These square tufts of hair create a whimsical and lighthearted appearance, effectively transforming your beloved Goldendoodle into a charming modern-day dino.

The Dino Cut is a bold and imaginative choice for pet owners who seek to infuse their furry companion’s look with a hint of prehistoric allure. This unique grooming style showcases your pet’s personality and adds a touch of fun and creativity to their overall appearance.

9.     Short Cut with Plumed Tail

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Short Cut with Plumed Tail is a distinctive grooming style for Goldendoodles that combines elegance and playfulness. This haircut involves trimming the dog’s body hair to a shorter length, giving them a neat and well-groomed appearance.

The key feature of this style is the tail, which is left longer and styled to create a plume or feather-like effect. The tail is carefully shaped to have a wave-like form, adding a touch of sophistication to your pet’s look.

The result is a Goldendoodle with a sleek and refined body, complemented by a whimsical and eye-catching plumed tail that sets them apart in style and charm.

10. Mohawk

Goldendoodle haircuts

The Mohawk grooming style for Goldendoodles is a bold and edgy choice for pet owners who want to give their furry friend a distinctive and rock-star-inspired appearance.

This haircut involves shaving a strip of hair down the centre of the dog’s head and body, leaving behind a prominent and stylish strip of fur that resembles the iconic Mohawk hairstyle seen in punk and rock culture.

The shaved strip typically extends from the head to the tail, strikingly contrasting the longer fur on the sides. The Mohawk haircut adds a touch of individuality and attitude to your Goldendoodle’s look, making it stand out as a true rock star among canine companions.


The process of Goldendoodle haircuts can vary in cost, with prices typically ranging from $75 to $150 per grooming session. These haircuts are essential for Goldendoodle puppies and adult dogs alike, as they help maintain the health and appearance of their coats.

The grooming process involves various tasks, including brushing, cutting, and trimming their hair to a specific length and style. Groomers use a combination of clippers and scissors to achieve the desired hairstyle while also paying attention to preventing matting tangling and ensuring the dog’s comfort throughout the session.

Additionally, grooming may include nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a bath with blow drying. The choice of hairstyle can vary based on individual preferences. Still, it’s crucial to find a groomer who understands the specific needs of Goldendoodles and can provide a grooming experience that keeps them looking and feeling their best.

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