Most Popular Goldendoodle Haircuts To Try

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Goldendoodle Haircuts let you have fun with this special kind of dog. Goldendoodles are a mix of golden retrievers and poodles, and they’re playful, friendly, and smart. They look cute, especially with their curly coats that you can style in different ways because of their thick fur.

Even though we usually think of them as golden and curly, Goldendoodle’s can have coats that are curly, wavy, or straight. They come in various colors like brown, cream, red, black, or white, depending on their parents.

For example, if you have a F1 Goldendoodle with one purebred poodle parent and one purebred golden retriever parent, the coat might be a bit of a surprise. F1B Goldendoodles, which are 75 percent poodle and 25 percent golden retriever, usually have the curly poodle coat we associate with this mix.

No matter their parents, all Goldendoodles have two layers of fur, so they need to be brushed every day, unless they have a straight coat or a short haircut. Their coats usually don’t shed much, making them good for people with allergies.

But remember, all dogs produce some dander, so if you have allergies, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before thinking about getting a Goldendoodle just for this reason.

Look at a Goldendoodle Haircuts before and after . It’s like giving your cute dog a cool new style!

Goldendoodle Haircuts

Top 7 Best Goldendoodle Haircuts Suggestions

We will explore seven different Goldendoodle Haircuts styles: The Teddy Bear Cut, The Lion Cut, The Lamb Cut, The Puppy Cut (also referred to as The Kennel Cut), The Poodle Haircuts, and the Summer Cut Mohawk.

1. Lamb Goldendoodle Haircuts

when if your Goldendoodle has white fur, the lamb cut is a cute style that works for all Goldendoodles. With this cut, the groomer keeps the legs a bit longer than the body. John says:

Goldendoodle Haircuts

“This is usually done to make the dog look well-proportioned and balanced, instead of having the same length all over”

You can choose how long or short you want the trim to be. John says that if it’s longer, your Goldendoodle will need more care, so you’ll have to groom it more often.

2. Puppy Goldendoodle Haircuts

A ‘Goldendoodle puppy cut‘ refers to a dog hairstyle with various interpretations. Some people opt for a uniform length of hair all over, typically ranging between 0.5 to 2 inches, as determined by groomers.

Alternatively, others use the term to describe a haircut that gives their dog the appearance of a puppy.

Goldendoodle Haircuts

For John, the Goldendoodle haircuts is like the first haircut for a young dog. It introduces a golden doodle puppy to the new sounds and feelings of grooming, getting them ready for a full Goldendoodle haircuts later.

John explains  that during this, the groomer will wash, dry, and comb the puppy’s fur. Then, they’ll do a gentle trim on the puppy’s feet, private areas, and face. This helps the puppy get used to the grooming tools and process without feeling overwhelmed the first time.

John says it’s important to trust your dog groomer and give your pup time to get used to the grooming appointment. He recommends showing pictures of the styles you like and talking openly with the groomer. John says:

“Grooming is like an art, so it’s a good idea to let the groomer know what you do and don’t like”

3. Teddy Bear Goldendoodle haircuts 

Danna John, a professional dog groomer and owner of Prestige Dog Grooming School, says the teddy bear cut is the best for Goldendoodles. It gives your dog a cute, rounded look with shaped ears, facial features, and fluffy paws. John explained this to readers on Harpers Atelier.

Goldendoodle Haircuts


The Goldendoodle Haircuts teddy bear can be short, around 0.5 to 2 inches, or longer, from 3 to 6 inches, if done by an experienced groomer using hand-scissoring. This special Goldendoodle haircuts is valuable, and John says it needs a lot of care and skill to do it right.

If you have a Goldendoodle, you should brush it every day and take it to the groomer at least once a month. The longer the fur, the more often your dog needs Goldendoodle haircuts grooming, and it will cost more too

4. Lion Goldendoodle Haircuts

Goldendoodle Haircuts

If your Goldendoodle has a light brown or tan coat, this haircut will make people notice! It gives your cute Goldendoodle a look like a lion, with a teddy bear face, a shaved backside, and a fluffy ball on the tail, showcasing the uniqueness of Goldendoodle Haircuts tail. John says:

“The lion cut needs some care and should be done by a skilled groomer.”

5. Summer Goldendoodle Haircuts

Looking for a simple and easy hairstyle for your Goldendoodle? The summer cut is a great choice!

Goldendoodle Haircuts

The summer cut, also known as the kennel cut, is a short, clipped hairstyle that’s usually a few millimeters to about a quarter of an inch long.

According to John, many pet owners like this style because it saves time and money. It’s perfect for families who enjoy water and outdoor activities with their doodles or those who want a low-maintenance option.

To make your Goldendoodle look cute and practical, John suggests a teddy bear cut for the face and a summer cut for the body.

6. Poodle Goldendoodle Haircuts

The Poodle cut is a classic way to groom your Goldendoodle and keep them looking neat. It involves cutting the fur close around the face, ears, and neck while leaving longer hair on top of the head. The back and sides are shaped into a rounded style, like the traditional Poodle “top knot,” and a little pom is added to the tail for a nice finish.

Goldendoodle Haircuts

Taking care of this cut is simple – just brush your dog regularly to prevent tangles in the short fur. However, since it can be a bit tricky to do this cut yourself, it’s important to visit the groomer regularly.

The Poodle cut looks especially good on Goldendoodles with curly hair as it defines their curls. With daily brushing and regular trims, your dog can look as good as those fancy show dogs. If you want your pup to have a classic and timeless appearance, the Poodle cut is a great choice.

7. Mohawk Goldendoodle Haircuts

sure, think about giving your puppy a mohawk at least once! This style means cutting their fur short around the face, ears, and neck, while leaving longer hair on the top of their head.

Goldendoodle Haircuts

The back and sides are shaped like a V to make a cool mohawk look. Usually, the rest of the body has short fur, but some people might continue the mohawk down the dog’s back. Either way, your dog will turn heads at the dog park!

To make it even more fun, you can add bows or bandanas. That way, your pup will really stand out.If you want a playful but stylish look for your Goldendoodle, this is a great choice. Just remember to brush them regularly to keep their ‘hawk looking nice and neat. Have fun at the dog park!

Do Goldendoodles Have to Get Haircuts?

Goldendoodles are a special kind of dog that comes from mixing a Golden Retriever with a Poodle.

The first time someone intentionally bred a Goldendoodle was in 1969, done by Monica Dickens, who was related to the famous author Charles Dickens. But it wasn’t until the 1990s, when Walter Conron created and popularized the Labradoodle (a mix of a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever), that Goldendoodles became really popular.

Because Goldendoodles have parents from two different breeds, their fur can be short, medium, or Goldendoodle Haircuts long, and it can be curly, wavy, straight, or wiry. The specific look depends on which parent they take after more.

However, all Goldendoodle hair tends to get tangled and needs daily brushing to keep it neat. The good part is they don’t leave their hair all over the house like Golden Retrievers do! (Interestingly, Golden Retrievers don’t notice they shed their own hair.)

Trimming your Goldendoodle’s hair can make it easier to manage and even cuter. Just be careful – only try cutting their hair if you know how. If you’re not sure, it’s better to ask a professional groomer for help. They know the best cuts for Goldendoodles and are trained to do it right.

How Frequently do Goldendoodles Need to Get a Haircut?

What if you try a fancy Goldendoodle haircut and don’t like it? The good news is your dog’s fur will grow back, and you can leave it long. Complicated styles like the Mohawk or Poodle cut need a groomer every 4 to 6 weeks. So, if you took a risk and don’t like it, just wait about a month to try a different style.

If you want fewer trips to the groomer, go for a simpler cut like the Teddy Bear or Summer cut. You can even trim it yourself and visit a groomer for special occasions.

How Frequently Should you Groom a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles have different pretty coats, so it’s important to groom them regularly for them to look good and feel comfortable.

According to John, you should groom your Goldendoodle every 4–6 weeks. If you choose shorter haircuts, you can wait up to 8 weeks. But, for longer special styles, it might be necessary to groom them every week.

John suggests talking to your groomer to find the best style that suits what you like, what you can afford, and your lifestyle.

How to Care for a Goldendoodle’s Coat in Your Own Home

Between visits to the groomer, make sure to take care of your dog’s coat at home. Follow a good routine, use the right grooming products, and get advice from reliable sources.

John suggests brushing your curly-coated dog every day to prevent mats and knots. Also, feed them high-quality dog food and use professional shampoos and conditioners during baths to keep their coat healthy. If you’re unsure, go for a simple haircut for your Goldendoodle to make home care easier.

Different mini Goldendoodle Haircuts male, like cute teddy bear looks or tidy trims, to show their friendly charm with style. Explore cute ‘Goldendoodle Haircuts female’ styles to enhance your furry friend’s appearance. Easy-to-care ‘Goldendoodle Haircuts short’ styles for a stylish look.

Enhance your furry friend’s winter appeal with the perfect touch  Goldendoodle Haircuts for winter, combining style and warmth for a charming look in the snowy season.

Creating adorable Goldendoodle Haircuts for your puppy to make them look cute and stylish.

Note: Choosing the right Goldendoodle haircut is important for their comfort and health. Get advice from a groomer or vet based on your pet’s needs. Regular grooming keeps their coat healthy and mat-free. Get more pet parenting tips on HarpersAtelier for easy-to-follow advice.


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