Mini Satin Rabbit

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Mini Satin rabbit is a smaller type of the Standard Satin rabbit. They were made by mixing the Standard Satin with a Netherland Dwarf or Polish rabbit.  Julie Mollison says,

“Mini Satin rabbits: Small in size, big in personality!”

These little bunnies are uncommon and have recently been accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). As their name suggests, Mini Satins have a beautiful, silky coat and friendly personalities.

Mini Satin Rabbit

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They are great pets for families, including those with children. Continue reading this article if you are interested in having more information about the Mini Satin rabbit and determining whether or not it is the right rabbit for you.

Origin Of The Mini Satin Rabbit

The Mini Satin rabbit comes from a long line of Satin rabbits, first appearing in the 1930s with the Havana rabbit. People were fascinated by their shiny fur and started breeding them with other rabbits, spreading the satin gene. By 1946, these new Satin rabbits were recognized by a rabbit association.

In the late 1970s, someone tried to make Mini Satin rabbits but couldn’t. They gave up in 1982. However, other breeders kept trying from the 1980s until 1999, when someone finally succeeded. Mr. J Leo Collins created two types of Mini Satin rabbits: red and albino.

The American Rabbit Breeder’s Association officially recognized the red eyed white Mini Satin in 2006. Since then, the association has accepted more variations of Mini Satin rabbits.

They are popular because of their shiny fur, which comes from a gene that makes their hair shafts narrower and gives their fur a translucent look.

Qualities Of The Mini Satin Rabbit

Mini Satin Rabbit

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There are many similarities between the Standard Satin rabbit and the Mini Satin rabbit, even though the Mini Satin rabbit is on the smaller side. The litter sizes of these rabbits typically range from two to four kits, and the price of a Mini Satin rabbit is approximately fifty dollars.

Mini Satin Rabbit Size

Mini Satin Rabbit

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The Mini Satin rabbit is a small breed, typically weighing between 3 to 4.5 lbs when they reach adulthood. They have a compact body, short stature, and a round, full head. According to breed standards, their ears must not exceed 3.5 inches in length. Mini Satin rabbits have upright ears adorned with their unique fur.

Coat Of Mini Satin Rabbit

Mini Satin Rabbit

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Mini Satin rabbits have a special coat that makes them stand out. It’s a shiny fur that’s short and easy to care for. This unique coat comes from a special gene. Both the Standard Satin and the Mini Satin rabbits share this shiny fur. Because of their short fur, you can groom them a little. Later, we’ll discuss how to take care of your Satin rabbit’s coat.

Do Mini Satin Rabbits Tend To Be Friendly?

Mini Satin rabbits are known for their friendly and gentle nature. They’re calm and easygoing, making them perfect companions for any household. Although they’re generally relaxed, they can also be quite playful.

However, Mini Satin rabbits might feel a bit nervous around unfamiliar people. So, it’s crucial to introduce them to new faces slowly and properly. When guests come over, advising them not to touch or pick up the Mini Satin until the rabbit feels comfortable around them is best.

Always remember that you should respect the personal space of your rabbit, especially when they are first introduced into your home. Giving them space and time to adjust is vital since they may try to bite if they feel threatened or terrified. Therefore, it is important to allow them more time.

Mini Satin Rabbit Colors

Mini Satin Rabbit

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Mini Satin rabbits come in various colors, with 16 options recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). These include black mini satin rabbit, blue, broken, chinchilla, chocolate, chocolate agouti, copper, Himalayan, opal, otter, red, siamese mini satin rabbit, silver Marten, squirrel, tortoise, and white.

Mini Satin Rabbit Lifespan

Mini Satin Rabbits typically live for about 5 to 8 years on average. They may exceed this lifespan with proper care, although it’s rare. Unlike some other rabbit breeds, Mini Satins don’t have specific health concerns. However, they can still experience problems such as overgrown teeth and flystrike.

Mini Satin Rabbits Health Issues Mini Satin Rabbit

Generally, Mini Satin rabbits don’t have specific health issues unique to their breed. However, they can face common rabbit health problems like:

1: GI Stasis: This serious condition slows or stops the digestive system. Signs include loss of appetite, reduced fecal output, and lethargy. Prompt treatment is vital.

2: Ear Mites: These parasites are common in pet rabbits and may cause excessive head shaking. A vet can provide treatment.

3: Flystrike: Flies lay eggs on soiled fur, leading to maggots infesting the rabbit’s skin. Symptoms include seizures and skin irritation. Keep your rabbit’s rear clean to prevent this.

Additionally, like all rabbits, Mini Satins can experience back issues if mishandled or dropped accidentally. Regular vet checkups are essential to catch any health concerns early. Buying from reputable breeders is also important to ensure the rabbit’s health and well being.

Grooming For Mini Satin Rabbit

The Mini Satin may be famous for their coat, but that’s about it regarding maintenance. Slicker brushes are great for maintaining healthy fur, and you should brush them twice weekly. You may need to brush them more frequently at the two times a year when they shed.

Mini Satin Rabbit

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Bathing a rabbit is something you should do very seldom. Unless they are exceptionally filthy, it is unnecessary. For some, even bathing may be a terrifying ordeal. Additionally, it would help if you clipped their nails when they get long.

What Do Mini Satin Rabbits Eat?

Mini Satin rabbits, like other rabbits, need the right amount of food based on their size, age, and how much they move around. Because they’re smaller, they don’t need as much food as bigger rabbits. To prevent them from becoming overweight, it is necessary to monitor their weight regularly.

Your Mini Satin rabbit should eat hay, pellets, and fresh veggies daily. They should also have access to fresh water all the time. Hay is especially important because it helps their digestion and keeps their teeth healthy. About 70% of their diet should be hay.

Rabbit pellets are vitamin supplements. Strength and health are maintained with extra vitamins and minerals. To ensure your rabbit gets enough nutrients, choose high quality pellets.

Best Food For The Mini Satin Rabbit

Mini Satin Rabbit

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Kaytee Fiesta Rabbit Food

For your Mini Satin rabbit, we suggest using Kaytee Fiesta rabbit food. It’s a special diet with all the good stuff your rabbit needs, like fruits, veggies, seeds, and grains. This food is made to keep your rabbit healthy and strong.

Kaytee Fiesta rabbit food is fortified with prebiotics and probiotics, which are good for your rabbit’s tummy. It also has antioxidants to help keep their immune system strong. The big pieces of kibble are great for your rabbit’s teeth—they help keep them healthy as they chew. Kaytee Fiesta rabbit food is made here in the USA, so you can trust that it’s safe for your bunny friend.

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Exercise For Mini Satin Rabbit

Rabbits in the wild run a lot   about three miles every day! So, it’s important to ensure your pet bunny gets plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. They need at least three hours of free time to hop around, whether in the garden or inside your home.

The Mini Satin rabbit is smaller, so they don’t need as much exercise as bigger bunnies. But that doesn’t mean they can sit around all day in their house! They still need space to move and play, or they might get bored and start chewing on things, which isn’t good for them and can make them live less.

Many people keep Mini Satin rabbits indoors to protect them from other animals that might want to hurt them. But even though they’re inside, they still love to spend time outside. If you’ve got enough yards, you can set up a big pen for them to run around during the day. That way, they’ll be safe and happy, and you won’t have to watch them every minute.

Exercise isn’t just good for humans; it’s important for rabbits, too! It keeps their joints moving, makes them happy, and helps them stay a good weight.

Trainability And Family Compatibility

Mini Satin rabbits are wonderful pets for everyone, including individuals, couples, families, and even older people. They’re friendly and calm but love to play and are great with kids. Their small size makes them perfect for apartment living because they don’t need much space.

These rabbits can be trained, but it takes patience, especially with this breed. You can teach them to use a litter tray, but learning might take some time. It’s important never to get mad at your rabbit because it will only make them scared of you.

Deciding whether to keep your Mini Satin rabbit indoors or outdoors is up to you. However, keeping them indoors with their hutch is often recommended because they’re small and could be in danger from predators if left outside unsupervised, especially at night.

Since Mini Satin rabbits are small, they don’t need a huge space, but their hutch should be big enough to move around comfortably. Avoid wire floors in the cabinet because they can hurt the rabbits’ feet. You can check out our recommended hutch below.

Best Hutch For The Mini Satin Rabbit

·         Petsfit Indoor Rabbit Hutch

For your Mini Satin rabbit, we recommend the Petsfit Indoor Rabbit Hutch. This cabinet offers plenty of space for your bunny to move around comfortably. Your Mini Satin can easily explore and play with two levels and ramps.

The cabinet has top and side entrances, making it convenient for your rabbit to go in and out and for you to clean. Plus, side wall guards keep the area neat and prevent hay and bedding from spilling out.

Cleaning is made easy with a removable waterproof bottom tray that you can easily replace after cleaning. Additionally, the cabinet features a “hideaway” area where your Mini Satin can retreat for some quiet time or sleep peacefully.

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Mini Satin Rabbit Price

A Mini Satin rabbit typically ranges from $50 to $150. However, purchasing from a trustworthy breeder or pet store is crucial. While backyard breeders might offer lower prices, they often prioritize profit over proper animal care. So, investing in a rabbit from a reputable source is best to ensure its well being.


Mini Satin rabbits are tiny cousins of the more famous Standard Satins, and despite their relative obscurity, they make fantastic pets! These rabbits are great because they have beautiful satin fur and don’t need much maintenance. They are calm, submissive, and friendly with their kind, and they don’t hog much room. While kept inside or in a protective environment, these rabbits have a potential lifespan of twelve years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Do Mini Satin Rabbits Get?

Mini satin bunnies typically measure between 3 and 4 inches in length.

What Is Mini Satin Rabbit Weight?

There is a small satin rabbit that may weigh up to 5 pounds and has ears and a body that is semi long.


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