5+ Best Tortoise enclosure- List of tortoise enclosure of 2024

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Tortoise enclosure, a chosen companion for your slow and steady friend, is more than just a space it’s a crucial element in pet care. Available in various sizes and types, these enclosures cater to the specific needs of different tortoise species.

Considerations like ramp placement ensure easy access and optimal sunshine exposure. Sizing matters with the enclosure harmonizing with the tortoise’s size, allowing ample room for free movement. Housing type is critical, meeting the reptilian friend’s specific needs.

Tortoise enclosure


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Reviews guide decisions, sharing insights from fellow pet owners. In these enclosures, tortoises thrive, basking in the warmth of a habitat mirroring their natural surroundings. Whether one tortoise or many, the right compartment isn’t just a place; it’s a path to a happy, healthy life for your shelled companions.

List of Tortoise Enclosure

Here is the list of Tortoise enclosures.

1.   PawHut Store 2-room Wooden Tortoise Enclosure

Tortoise enclosure


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The PawHut Store 2-Room Wooden Tortoise enclosure is a meticulously designed haven for your pets, offering 2 dedicated spaces for the well-being of your tortoises. The access area ensures easy entry and exit, while the overall construction emphasizes durability and security.

The thoughtful design incorporates a spacious roaming area and a cosy pet room. Quality materials, including pinewood and sturdy plywood, reflect the commitment to the pet’s wellness.

Professionals have contributed to the locking facility, guaranteeing your pets’ safety. The enclosure provides a secure home, with panels allowing a clear viewing area for you and facilitating easy cleaning tasks. It includes a tortoise box and a tortoise tank, catering to the diverse needs of different tortoise and turtle species.

The spacious top allows for exposure to natural sunlight, promoting the overall wellness of your pets. Additionally, it accommodates features for regular water changes and wellness checks, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your pets’ health and happiness.


  • Secure and robust
  • Long-lasting
  • Simple to clean
  • Equipped with wooden handles for convenient portability
  • Effortless assembly


  • Slightly undersized for permanent housing

2.      Aivituvin Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Tortoise Enclosure

Tortoise enclosure


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Aivituvin Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Tortoise Enclosure provides an innovative and versatile habitat crafted for the well-being of two tortoises. The assembly process is a straightforward one, highlighting the user-friendly design.

The construction of this enclosure is robust and durable, utilizing safe, non-toxic fir wood. With designated spaces like an activity area and a cosy sleeping area, tortoises enjoy two distinct rooms for various activities.

Including acrylic and wire mesh in the enclosure ensures clear viewing and proper ventilation.  Cleaning becomes effortless, contributing to the overall hygiene of your pet’s living space.  The design prioritizes the privacy of tortoises, and the sheltered top provides relief from the sun.

As a reliable buddy to your pets, this enclosure facilitates quick cleaning tasks and cosy sleeping moments. Some users found it beneficial to apply caulk to the bottom for enhanced leak protection, further elevating the functionality of this thoughtfully designed unit.

Setting up a tortoise enclosure outdoor requires attention to factors like shelter, temperature regulation, and predator-proofing.


  • Simple assembly process
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Constructed from safe, non-toxic fir wood


  • A few users found it necessary to apply caulk to the bottom to prevent leaks.

3.  Captain Tortoise House

Tortoise enclosure


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The Captain Tortoise House provides a spacious, well-designed tortoise habitat measuring 36 x 24 x 13 inches. The assembly process is simple, ensuring a comfortable living area for your cherished tortoise.

The sturdy construction and durable wood material contribute to the house’s longevity, providing a secure space for your pet. A convenient hatch allows easy access while including a heater ensures optimal warmth.

Ventilation is facilitated through strategically placed holes and wire grating, promoting your pet’s well-being. The interiors are thoughtfully designed, offering your tortoise plenty of room to move and explore.

A designated lamp area on the top enhances visibility and provides an additional source of warmth. With minimal maintenance requirements, this tortoise house prioritizes the wellness checks of your pet. It is an ideal Tortoise enclosure, combining functionality, comfort, and warmth to create a perfect haven for your beloved pets.


  • Simple to clean
  • Robust and long-lasting


  • A few users noted challenges with alignment, making assembly a bit tricky.

4.  Reptizoo Terrarium Tank

Tortoise enclosure


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The REPTIZOO Terrarium Tank offers a spacious and carefully crafted environment for your pets, with 36 x 18 x 18 dimensions. The assembly is straightforward, providing a secure bottom for your pets to thrive.

Regarding care and cleaning, the tank features convenient doors facilitating easy access. Including necessary equipment ensures a comfortable habitat, preventing accidental escapes. For temperature regulation, the tank accommodates heaters and heating pads, contributing to the well-being of different species.

Clear instructions from reputable manufacturers guide users, making it user-friendly for new and experienced pet owners. The tank is designed with the safety of your pets in mind, featuring secure tubes and vents for proper air circulation.

The viewing experience is enhanced by including clear glass, allowing you to observe your pets without any obstructions. Additionally, the tank comes with organized wires and thoughtful packaging, emphasizing a hassle-free experience for you and your cherished companions in their designated tortoise enclosures.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Secure mesh wire top for clear observation
  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Thoughtfully designed with a raised bottom to accommodate space heating mats
  • Simple to clean and assemble
  • Features a locking mechanism for additional child-proofing


  • Higher cost

5.   Rockever Tortoise Enclosure

Tortoise enclosure


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The ROCKEVER Tortoise enclosure offers your tortoise buddies a spacious and thoughtfully designed living area. With 36 x 13 x 24 inches dimensions, this enclosure provides ample pet housing space.

The sturdy wood construction and secure frame ensure a durable and safe home. The unique hatch design enclosure adds a touch of innovation and convenience, allowing easy access for both you and your pets.

The well-placed lamp enhances visibility and provides additional lighting for your tortoises’ living space. The secure latch and locking facility guarantee the safety of your pets and prevent any accidental escape.

The wire construction ensures proper ventilation, creating a comfortable environment that promotes the well-being and warmth of your tortoises and turtles. This Tortoise enclosure combines functionality, safety, and aesthetic design, making it an ideal living space for your beloved pets.


  • Effortless to clean
  • Simple to assemble
  • Sturdy and resilient
  • Provides value for money
  • Available in two appealing colors


  • Some units presented challenges during assembly due to misaligned parts.
  • A few users reported gaps in the hatch.

Keep an Eye Out for These Features in Tortoise Homes

Tortoise enclosure

Risk prevention

A tortoise requires a secure living space enclosed by walls. To ensure safety from predators while entering their territory, you can use chicken wire, netting, or plastic. Sadly, many tortoises don’t survive for more than a year, mostly due to the care they receive. Therefore, it is crucial to provide them with a clean, safe, and adequately heated habitat.

Arrangement of Space

Tortoises need a designated area with shelter for security, says Sehrish Kiran from Tortoiseland. She suggests creating two zones – an open space for basking and an enclosed area for privacy and safety.

Kiran emphasizes the importance of considering the tortoise enclosure size and recommends placing food and water dishes in visible locations. For expert advice on tortoise care, visit HarpersAtelier.com.

Why Trust The Harpersatelier?

Sehrish Kiran, the proprietor of https://harpersatelier.com/, is a committed individual with a deep passion for pets and their welfare. Besides meticulously analyzing testing data and evaluating products personally, Sehrish has offered valuable recommendations across various pet products, ranging from cat litter disposal systems to optimal ferret cages.

Additionally, she has curated a comprehensive checklist of essentials for those preparing to bring a new kitten into their homes.

Finding a suitable tortoise enclosure large enough for your pet’s comfort is essential. Explore options for the best indoor tortoise enclosure to ensure a comfortable living space for your pet, or consider a large indoor tortoise enclosure for even more space and comfort.


Tortoise enclosure strike a balance with optimal size, offering ample space for your pets to bask in the sunshine while ensuring sufficient shaded areas for rest and sleep. These well-designed enclosures prioritize the well-being of tortoises, providing a harmonious blend of open regions and cosy retreats.

The key lies in creating an environment that caters to their natural behaviors, fostering a space where they can thrive, indulge in sunlight, and find comfort in moments of tranquility.

Explore creative tortoise enclosure ideas indoor to ensure a safe and enriching habitat for your pet.  Explore our collection of tortoise enclosure accessories to enhance your pet’s habitat. Check out our tortoise enclosure for sale and give your pet a cozy new home. Find your perfect tortoise for sale and bring a new companion into your life.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the ideal size for a tortoise cage?

The recommended space for a tortoise's habitat is approximately three by four feet, although this can vary significantly based on the species and age of the tortoise.

Should I get a heat lamp for my tortoise?

Tortoises indeed rely on an external heat source to ensure a consistent core body temperature.

Can you keep a tortoise outside all year?

Tortoises depend on the correct temperature and sunlight exposure for their well-being. They require a specific temperature range to carry out essential bodily functions and rely on ultraviolet light to produce vitamin D. If your goal is to house your tortoises outdoors throughout the entire year, it's important to install additional UV and heat lights connected to a power source.

Can you leave a tortoise alone for a week?

Tortoise breeder Ed Piroj recommends giving his reptiles alone time for up to ten days. He notes that with proper nourishment, tortoises can survive months without food or water. Piroj also suggests that a decrease in temperature is beneficial for them.

What is the minimum lifespan of a tortoise?

The typical lifespan of turtles and tortoises varies across species. While certain types may only survive for 10-20 years, others can thrive up to 150 years when kept in captivity. On average, with adequate care, these reptiles generally live well into their 50s. Note : The Aivituvin Wooden Tortoise House serves as our preferred indoor tortoise habitat, and for outdoor relaxation, the Tortoise House Habitat is our top choice. These enclosures offer seclusion with convenient access, ensuring a comfortable environment for our tortoise.

Is It OK to Keep a Tortoise Enclosure indoors?

Keeping your tortoise indoors can help keep it warm and safe from potential dangers like theft or other animals. However, space might be an issue if you don’t have a dedicated room, especially for older and larger tortoises.

What Size Table is Best for a Tortoise?

The size of your tortoise’s table depends on how old and big it is. Typically, our reptile experts recommend a table at least 5 x 3 feet in size for an adult tortoise. Hatchling tortoises require less space than adults and can be accommodated in a slightly smaller tortoise table.

How Big of an Enclosure Does a Tortoise Need?

Make sure the space you provide is at least six times the length and width of your pet. For example, a 6-inch tortoise needs an enclosure that’s at least 3 ft by 3 ft. For smaller tortoises, a large plastic storage tub is a good starting point. They’re affordable, easy to clean, and safe.

What is the Best Enclosure for a Tortoise?

We recommend the Aivituvin Wooden Tortoise House for indoor tortoises as it offers plenty of space to keep smaller reptiles happy and safe. For outdoor enclosures, using wire or mesh netting similar to what’s in the Tortoise House Habitat is ideal.

What Do Tortoise Like in their Enclosure?

Mixing 2 to 3 inches of calcium sand with some soil or bark creates a cozy environment for your tortoises. Russian Tortoises thrive with a bedding layer of 2 to 3 inches of coconut fiber or bark to maintain humidity. Enhance the enclosure by adding lots of plants and sticks for enrichment.


How to build an outdoor tortoise enclosure

Indoor Setup for Hatchling and Growing Tortoises

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