Top 10 Best Anti Anxiety Dog Bed for Better Health

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Anti anxiety dog bed provides comfort and security, calming anxious pets through its innovative design, which is ideal for relaxation and stress relief. These beds usually have tall sides to create a cozy space that feels like a den for your dog.

Anti anxiety dog bed

They’re like a comforting hug for your furry friend during stressful times. When your dog snuggles up in a soft and familiar bed, it reminds them that they’re safe at home with their family.

To make it easy for you to find the perfect anti anxiety dog bed, we’ve put together a list of top favorites. For more information about anti anxiety dog bed, see the guide below.

What is a calming dog bed?

A calming dog bed is designed to provide comfort and relaxation for dogs, often with plush materials and supportive features to help alleviate anxiety and promote better sleep. With the intention of lowering anxiety, a relaxing dog bed is made especially to provide your dog with a sense of security and comfort.

These beds typically feature raised edges or rims, soft plush materials, and a doughnut-shaped design, and may offer orthopaedic benefits.

They aim to create a cozy and safe sleeping environment for dogs, which is particularly important considering that dogs sleep for about 50% of their day on average. If your dog exhibits signs of anxiety, such as whining, shaking, or inability to settle, a calming dog bed may be beneficial for them.

Types of Anti anxiety dog bed

Not all calming beds are the same. Think about it like choosing clothes for your pet. You have to find what fits them best based on their size, breed, and what they like.

Anti anxiety dog bed

·         Self-warming dog beds

Dogs love warmth, just like humans. These beds keep them cosy without needing a plug or batteries. They use layers to trap your dog’s body heat and give it back to them. Older dogs or ones that get cold easily love these beds.

·         Donut dog beds

These are great for small dogs. They look like big, comfy doughnuts with raised edges. Your dog can curl up inside the circle. The edges give support to their head and neck. These beds are soft and cosy, like a furry blanket. They’re perfect for dogs that need to feel snug to calm down.

·         Bolster dog beds

These beds have raised edges on three sides. Your dog can lean against them comfortably. It’s like having a pillow all around them. Big dogs or those who like depending on things enjoy these beds.

·         Orthopaedic dog beds

These beds are good for big or older dogs. They help ease pain in their joints. Dogs with arthritis or joint problems feel better on these beds. When dogs hurt, they can get anxious. A comfy bed helps them relax. Make sure it’s big enough for your dog to stretch out fully.

·         Cave-style dog beds


These beds are like a cosy fort for your dog. They have a flap or roof for your dog to burrow under. It’s like building a secret hiding spot for your furry friend. Dogs of all sizes love these beds. They feel safe and snug inside them.

Best anti anxiety dog bed

Following are best anti anxiety dog bed for 2024.

1.      Furhaven plush Orthopaedic sofa

This bed is awesome because it’s both a bolster bed and an orthopaedic bed! The bolsters around the edge give your dog something to lean on, and the bed is great for relieving stiff muscles or joints.

Anti anxiety dog bed

It’s made of super soft faux fur, with micro-suede bolsters that are perfect for cuddling and burrowing. The egg crate orthopaedic foam inside helps cushion your dog’s joints and relieves pressure points, while the bolsters provide support for their head and neck.

You can get it in lots of colors and six sizes, so it’s good for big dogs who like to stretch out or for older dogs that need extra support. Plus, the cover comes off, and you can wash it in the machine, which makes cleaning easy.

2.      Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed

This is the first doughnut cuddler bed that started the trend of calming beds for dogs. People love the Best Friends by Sheri bed because it’s comfy and cozy.

Anti anxiety dog bed

It comes in four sizes and two colours. The outside is made of soft faux fur for extra comfort and warmth. You can wash the whole bed in the washing machine if it’s small, and for larger sizes, you can remove the outer shell for washing.

The bed has soft material and raised edges that are great for small dogs to burrow in and rest their heads. It’s a good choice for dogs of any size, especially smaller ones.

3.      Friends forever Coco faux fur bed

Anti anxiety dog bed

The Friends Forever doughnut cuddler bed is another top choice for a calming dog bed. It comes in three sizes and five colours, and it’s self-warming. Made of high-quality synthetic fur, it’s like a cosy fur coat for your pup, ensuring they stay snug.

This bed provides excellent head and neck support and is perfect for dogs who like to burrow deep and curl up tight. You can wash the whole bed in the machine, and it’s safe for the dryer, too. It’s a fantastic option for any dog who loves cuddling up and feeling extra warm.

4.      Friends Forever Orthopaedic lounge sofa

Anti anxiety dog bed

Another hit from Friends Forever, many reviewers love this orthopaedic lounge sofa, and it’s easy to see why. It offers plenty of support and comfort for joints and is super soft. You can get it in five sizes and five colours, making it suitable for any breed, from a tiny Chihuahua to a big Great Dane.

Plus, it’s water-resistant, made of high-quality materials, and stuffed with plush polyester. Cleaning is a breeze – take off the cover and toss it in the washer.

5.      Furhaven snuggery burrow bed

Anti anxiety dog bed

Furhaven has another awesome bed option designed like a cave. This bed gives your pet lots of space to burrow and comes in many colours and sizes. Inside, it’s lined with cosy sherpa material, perfect for snuggling up and staying warm.

Your pet can use it as a blanket or a cave, whichever they prefer! There are also orthopaedic and memory foam versions available for dogs needing extra joint support. Plus, the cover comes off and is machine washable, great for any accidents or spills.

6.      Focuspet dog bed donut

Anti anxiety dog bed

FOCUSPET brings in their version of the donut-style dog bed, and it’s a solid choice. This bed is crafted from luxuriously soft faux fur, ensuring your pet stays happy and warm. With four sizes available, it suits both small and large dogs, fitting any size in between, too.

The raised rims not only provide a cosy spot to burrow but also offer essential support for your pet’s head and neck. While the whole bed can be washed in the machine, the company suggests hand washing, which is something to keep in mind before buying.

7.      Snoozer luxury cozy cave pet bed

Anti anxiety dog bed

The Snoozer Cozy Cave is a top choice for calming beds, and reviewers agree. It’s crafted from premium materials and comes in lots of colours and three sizes. This bed is like a warm hug for your dog.

They can snuggle right inside and feel safe from anything that might worry or stress them out. Lined with Sherpa inside and out, it offers both warmth and security. The cover is removable and machine washable, and you can even get extra covers to mix things up.

8.      Pet fusion ultimate dog bed

Anti anxiety dog bed

Our top splurge-worthy pick is the Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed. Pet Fusion is known for its quality pet products, and this bed is a best-seller for a good reason. It’s orthopaedic, available in four sizes and three colours, and provides nearly all-around support for your furry friend.

The memory foam base is encased in a water-resistant, machine-washable cover that can be swapped out for other colours to suit your pup’s style. This bed is especially great for larger dogs that enjoy snuggling up close.

9.      Slow town dog calming bed

Anti anxiety dog bed

Another excellent choice is the Slow Town Dog Calming Bed, thanks to its fantastic design. Made from ultra-plush faux fur, it’s self-warming and perfect for any cuddle-loving pet. With four sizes and various colours available, you’ll easily find the ideal fit for your pup.

The entire bed is machine washable for smaller sizes, while the larger size features a removable cover that’s safe for washing and drying. Plus, the bottom of the bed has grips to prevent it from sliding around on tile or hardwood floors, which is a big bonus.

10.  Barkbox 2-in-1 memory foam bolster bed

Anti anxiety dog bed

Known for its dog toy products, BarkBox now offers its line of dog beds, and this one is a hit with customers. What sets it apart is its raised edges, a unique feature surrounding it.

This style of bed is perfect for dogs who like leaning against you or snuggling up to the armrest of the couch. It includes many great features, like bolstered edges and orthopaedic support. Available in three sizes and five colours, it’s water-resistant, and the removable cover is machine washable, making it a breeze to clean.

Benefits of anti anxiety dog bed

Anti anxiety dog bed are a hit among pet owners, especially those with anxious dogs. These special beds offer a cozy retreat that helps calm nervous pups. This sense of security can soothe mild anxiety.

From the moment they’re born, puppies seek comfort in physical contact with their family members. Being close to their mother and siblings provides them with warmth and reassurance. Ensuring puppies stay with their family for an adequate time helps prevent anxiety issues from developing.

As dogs grow, they continue to seek comfort through physical closeness. You might notice your dog wanting to cuddle up with you or join you on the couch. They feel safe and content when they’re nestled in a warm, enclosed space, like the one provided by an anti anxiety dog bed.

It’s essential to understand that while anti anxiety dog beds can be helpful, they’re not a magic solution. For best results, they should be used alongside behavior training or, in some cases, with the guidance of a veterinarian and appropriate medication or supplements.

What kind of calming dog bed should i get?

Dog owners may need help comprehending all of this information, so let’s have a look at some elements that can help you locate the ideal items for your dog more easily.

·         Coziness

Material does matter. For optimal comfort, you’ll want a very soft, fluffy material, like faux fur. Here, boosters play a major role. Dogs need something to lean on for maximum comfort, just as we wouldn’t want to sit on a couch with no backrest.

·         Stuffing

The inside of the bed is just as important as its exterior. Here is where you want to check to determine if there is memory foam, filling, or another material within. This impacts many factors, including wash ability, comfort, and durability.

·         Dimensions

Make sure the bed you select is appropriate for your pet’s size. They ought to be able to fully extend out on a bolster bed or snuggle up into a doughnut bed. For optimal comfort, cave beds should be slightly larger than normal but not so big that they no longer feel encircled and satisfied.

·         Ability to wash

It is necessary to wash dog mattresses, just like human sheets. Look for a bed that is simple to clean, either the cover or the entire bed preferably one that can be washed in a machine. Here’s where you should double-check the material before washing.

·         Support

Calming beds are a terrific option because a dog bed should always support your dog’s head and joints. Both bolstered edges and orthopaedic bases, which help the head and neck, can accomplish this. Joint discomfort can be relieved with orthopaedic beds.


With so many options in the dog bed market, it can be overwhelming to choose. However, any pick from this list is a solid choice. While we recommend the Furhaven Plush Orthopedic Sofa, remember that every pup is unique.

Finding the perfect dog bed requires trial and error, along with observing your dog’s sleeping habits closely. Look for features that your dog loves and prioritize those when selecting a bed.


Do anti anxiety dog bed really work?

Anti anxiety dog beds can provide comfort and security for some dogs, utilizing features like raised edges or calming materials. While effectiveness varies depending on the dog, many pet owners report positive results in reducing anxiety behaviours.

What is the best rated anxiety dog bed?

The Best Friends by Sheri bed is widely regarded as the top-rated anxiety dog bed. It is recognized as the original dog calming bed, and its design, featuring high, plush sides in a doughnut style, caters to both smugglers and burrowers.

What makes a calming dog bed?

A calming dog bed typically features soft, plush materials for comfort, raised edges for security, and orthopaedic support for joint relief. Additionally, it may incorporate soothing scents or textures to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety in dogs.

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