10+ Easy Diy cat toy-How to Make Homemade Cat Toys

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Diy cat toy is not only a fantastic way to keep your furbaby entertained but also a great way to repurpose household items and crafting supplies. Consider using a cardboard scratcher as the base to make a captivating DIY cat toy.

Diy cat toy


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It will give your cat a sturdy surface to scratch and play on. Incorporate catnip into the design, as cats are known to be fond of catnip, making it a popular choice for cat toys.  So, gather your materials and get creative to craft unique and entertaining cat toys that your cat will adore.

List of DIY cat toy

Here is the list of Diy cat toys.

1.      Diy Cat Toy with Feathers Wand

Diy cat toy

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Creating a DIY Feather Wand for your cat is a delightful project and an excellent opportunity to provide your feline friend with exercise and mental stimulation. To make this entertaining cat toy, you’ll need a dowel or a stick as the base, attaching various feathers to one end using a strong string or ribbon.

Feathers are lightweight and offer an exciting texture that cats adore. This feather wand is a fantastic way to engage your cat in play, and the rustling feathers will captivate their attention, making it a wonderful addition to your collection of cat toys. Take a look at the guide: https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/blog/pet-care/make-your-cat-kitten-a-wand-toy.

2.      Homemade Diy Cat Toy with Catnip

Diy cat toy


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Crafting homemade catnip toys for your beloved fur child is a blast and a delightful way to provide your cats with endless fun. You’ll need fabric, a sock, and basic supplies to make these enticing toys.

Start by filling a small fabric pouch with catnip, ensuring the scent is irresistible to your cats. You can also add some feathers and a bell for extra excitement. Then, knot the pouch securely and place it inside a sock, creating a catnip sock toy that your feline friends will adore.

These homemade catnip toys are an excellent option for engaging your cats in playtime, keeping them entertained, and providing them with the joy of catnip. Make a batch of these toys to watch your cats have a good time. Take a look at the guide: https://www.thehonestkitchen.com/blogs/diy/6-cute-diy-catnip-toys-cat

3.      Knit a Diy Cat Toy

Knitting a cat toy can be rewarding for you and your feline friend. Cats often find comfort and stress relief in playing with toys, and by crafting a cat toy yourself, you can cater to their specific preferences.

Diy cat toy

Please start by selecting a knitting pattern that suits your cat’s taste, whether a diy cat toy mouse, a bell-adorned ball, or any other option that piques their interest. With some yarn and knitting needles, you can bring this pattern to life, creating a unique and engaging toy that provides hours of play and helps alleviate anxiety.

The soothing rhythmic motion of knitting can also be a hobby that reduces stress. Ultimately, it’s a delightful way to bond with your cat and indulge in your knitting hobby while crafting a special toy your feline friend will adore. Take a look at the guide: https://gina-michele.com/2020/12/26/easy-cat-toy-knitting-pattern/

4.     Up Cycled Diy Cat Toys Cardboard Scratcher

Diy cat toy


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Creating an up cycled cardboard scratcher is a win-win for your kitty and the environment. You can transform cardboard waste into a fantastic pet accessory with just a few materials and creativity.

Start by cutting and gluing cardboard strips to form a sturdy surface. This cardboard scratcher provides your cats with a designated place to satisfy their scratching instincts, saving your furniture from their sharp claws.

You can even add a pocket or pouch to the scratcher, making it a multi-functional pet pad. Not only will your furry friend love this upcycled cardboard scratcher, but you’ll also be reducing waste and giving new life to old cardboard. It’s a great way to keep your pet happy and help the environment simultaneously! Take a look at the guide: https://craftingagreenworld.com/articles/upcycled-cardboard-cat-scratcher/

5.      Diy Treat Dispenser

Diy cat toy


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Creating a DIY Treat Dispenser is a fantastic way to keep your cat engaged in an enriching activity while preventing boredom. Cats love treats, and this interactive toy can be a fun challenge.

To make your treat dispenser, you’ll need simple materials like a pill bottle or a small container with a lid. Start by adding a few holes to the container, ensuring they are just the right size for the cat treats to come out when your feline friend plays with the toy.

As your cat interacts with this treat dispenser, they’ll enjoy the rewarding experience of retrieving their favorite treats, turning snack time into a stimulating and entertaining activity. It’s an ingenious way to provide mental stimulation and engage your cat happily. Take a look at the guide: https://honestandtruly.com/diy-cat-treat-dispenser/

6.      Bottle Cap Jingle Ball

Diy cat toy


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Creating a Bottle Cap Jingle Ball is a simple yet ingenious way to provide entertainment and joy to your feline friend while repurposing materials that might otherwise end up in the trash.

Gather some bottle caps and jingle bells to craft this delightful cat toy, both low-cost materials. Attach the jingle bells securely to the inside of the bottle caps using glue, creating a playful noise that cats find captivating.

Then, assemble the bottle caps into a ball-like toy that will amuse your cats. This DIY creation breathes new life into discarded bottle caps and brings pure excitement into your cats’ playtime, proving that sometimes the most fun toys can come from unexpected sources. Take a look at the guide: https://www.hillspet.com/cat-care/play-exercise/creative-diy-cat-toys.

7.      Fleece Pom Pom Toy

Diy cat toy


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Creating a Fleece Pom Pom Toy for your cat is an excellent option to provide your furry friend with a beloved plaything. Made from soft fleece fabric, this toy captures your cat’s attention and keeps them entertained for hours.

To make it, cut fleece material into strips and create a pom-pom shape, using scissors to trim any excess bits. You can even stuff the pom-pom with catnip to make it your cat’s favourite. As your cat paws and plays with this fleece pom-pom toy, you’ll witness the joy it brings to your fur baby, ensuring that it becomes an essential part of their playtime. Take a look at the guide: https://www.scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com/how-to-make-fleece-pom-poms/

8.      Paper Bag Hideaway

Diy cat toy


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Creating a Paper Bag Hideaway is one of the best ways to provide your cat with an environment filled with entertainment and exploration. All you need is a paper bag with holes cut into the sides, making it an enticing playground for your kitty.

Cats are naturally curious, and the rustling of the paper bag and the sound it creates become an irresistible attraction for them. This simple yet effective cat toy can entertain your feline friend for hours, allowing them to explore, hide, and play to their heart’s content.

The Paper Bag Hideaway is a wonderful addition to your cat’s environment, providing mental and physical stimulation and a cozy place to call their own. Take a look at the guide: https://shop.hauspanther.com/products/hide-sneak-paper-bag-cat-tunnel-from-dezi-roo

9.      Sisal Rope Teaser

Diy cat toy


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Crafting a Sisal Rope Teaser is a creative and engaging option to provide exercise and play for your cats. To make this delightful cat toy, you will need a dowel as the base and several lengths of sisal rope.

Begin by glueing one end of the rope to the dowel, and let your creativity flow as you attach feathers and bells along the length of the string. Combining feathers and bells will capture your cat’s attention and make playtime more enjoyable.

This rope teaser provides your cats with a fantastic exercise opportunity, encouraging them to leap and pounce while chasing the feathers and bells. It’s a great way to keep your feline friends active and entertained, and this homemade toy will quickly become a favourite among your collection of cat toys. Take a look at the guide: https://pawpawup.com.au/products/zeze-sisal-rope-balls

10. Catnip Sock Diy Cat Toy

Diy cat toy


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The Catnip Sock Toy is a wonderful way to provide your cat with exercise and play, all in one delightful package. You’ll need a sock and simple embellishments to create this engaging cat toy.

Fill the sock with catnip to entice your cat’s curiosity, and consider adding bells, feathers, or other playful elements to make it even more appealing. Tie a secure knot at the open end of the sock, ensuring that the catnip stays inside.

When your cat discovers this toy, they’ll have a ball playing with it, batting it around the room, and enjoying the catnip-infused aroma. These simple steps are a fantastic way to keep your cat active and entertained while offering them the joy of play. The Catnip Sock Toy is an excellent addition to your collection of cat toys and will quickly become your cat’s favourite playmate. Take a look at the guide: https://woodgreen.org.uk/pet-advice/cat/how-to-make-a-catnip-sock/

What type of toys do cats like to play with?

Cats like different kinds of toys to have fun and stay active. They enjoy playing with interactive toys, like feather wands and laser pointers. Toys with feathers are cool too, especially if they’re on a string or a diy cat toy wand. Some cats really like toys with catnip, and others enjoy soft plush toys or small balls with bells inside.

Tunnels are fun for them to hide and play in, and some toys can give them treats as they play. Remember, it’s good to keep trying different toys to see which ones your cat likes the most! Unleash playtime joy with our DIY cat toy easy – a simple and delightful way to keep your feline friend entertained.

Toys that Cats Dislike:

Diy cat toy

Cats are picky about their toys too! Some toys they might not like make loud noises or have strong smells. Cats usually don’t enjoy toys that are too big or heavy for them to carry around.

Also, some cats don’t like toys that move too fast or are too flashy. It’s important to pay attention to your cat’s reactions and see which toys they prefer. If they don’t seem interested, it’s okay to try different ones until you find the ones that make them the happiest!

Discover endless feline fun with our creative DIY cat toys ideas to keep your kitty entertained and happy.

Diy Cat Toys Safe:

Soft Toys: Fluffy stuffed animals or soft toys are safe for cats. Just make sure there are no small parts that can come off.

Feather Wands: Cats enjoy toys with feathers on a wand. It’s safe as long as the feathers are attached well.

Catnip Toys: Some cats love toys with catnip. These are safe and can be small mice or softballs.

Balls: Small balls made of soft material or rubber are safe for cats to bat around and chase.

Interactive Toys: Toys that need you to play, like a laser pointer or a toy that moves like prey, are safe and fun.

Tunnels: Soft tunnels are safe for cats to explore and hide in. Just make sure there are no sharp edges.

Unsafe Diy Cat Toy:

Small Rubber Balls: Cats may accidentally swallow small rubber balls, leading to a choking risk.

String or diy cat toys with yarn: Strings or yarn can be ingested, causing intestinal blockages and digestive issues.

Toys with Small, Detachable Parts: Small, detachable parts can pose a choking risk if swallowed by the cat.

Rubber Bands: Rubber bands can be both a choking hazard and pose a risk if ingested.

Plastic Bags or Wrappers: Cats may get entangled in plastic, leading to suffocation, and ingestion can cause digestive problems.

Toys with Loose Feathers: Loose feathers can be swallowed, potentially causing digestive issues.

Toys with Long, Easily Ingestible Strings: Long strings can be swallowed and lead to intestinal blockages.

Toys with Sharp Edges: Sharp edges or points on toys can cause injuries to a cat’s mouth, paws, or other body parts.

Toys with Small Bells: Small bells or pieces can pose both choking and ingestion risks.

Toys with Toxic Materials: Toys with toxic materials or paint can pose a risk of poisoning if ingested by the cat. 

Experience the fun with our easy-to-use DIY cat toy kit – everything your kitty needs for endless playtime.

DIY cat toys draw inspiration from creative offerings on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/market/diy_cat_toys), where artisans and crafters showcase unique and handmade pet accessories. Visit the Harpersatelier for more Pet Health Articles and explore the Food for Cats and Dogs.

Create a DIY cat toy using an egg carton by placing a small portion of your cat’s favorite treats in the bottom of two separate egg cups. Cover each biscuit-filled egg cup with a ping pong ball. Call your cat for dinner and enjoy watching it navigate and solve the ‘DIY cat toy egg carton‘ puzzle.

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Elevate playtime with our DIY cat toys to keep them busy, ensuring endless joy for your feline friend. Sew up some feline fun with our easy DIY cat toys sewing guide, creating purrfect delights for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Cat Toys Out of Socks?

Get an old sock and cut a strip about three inches wide. Open it up so it’s flat, not a circle. Tie a knot in the middle, then another knot on top, making a big knot in the center for your cat to bite. Now you’ve got a cat toy.

How to Make Cat Toys to Sell?

You’ll need golf-ball-sized Styrofoam balls, dried catnip, yarn, and glue. Mix glue with water, then apply it to the Styrofoam ball. We recommend using golf-ball-sized Styrofoam, but feel free to try different sizes.

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